Friday, October 4, 2013

Christmas Haul: Part 1

How soon do you start shopping for Christmas? I shop throughout the year. This year I started as soon as E's birthday was over. I always buy educational things first, then I will move on to their interests when it gets closer to Christmas. This way I can get some fun things that they enjoy.

The way we do it is they each get 1 big gift individually. Then they get 1 big gift to share. After that, they get 1 or 2 small gifts, a DVD, and the rest is educational.

Right now, A is 2.5 years old and E is 7 months old.

I knew A's big gift would be a bike. Since I wanted to get A a bike, I decided I would also get E one.

I did some research on bikes, and I decided that we would give the balance bikes a try. I knew A was too young for pedals, but I felt she was too big for the one she has now. She is tall for her age. I decided to go with the Kazam balance bike. I got an amazing deal. They had some deals for 60% off back in May because they had some paint differences. Nothing that altered the function of the bike or even the look. The bike looks perfectly fine but they had to pull all from the batch. Since her favorite color is green, I chose a green one for her. Here is a picture of the one I chose for her:

E is obviously too small for a lot of bikes, but I want to get her something that we can push her in when we take A for bike rides. That concluded to this bike:

It's a 4 in 1 trike that she can grow into. I wish I had one of these with A, so I knew I wanted to get one for E. Since E is our diva, I went with the pink option. 

We already bought these. They have been sitting in the garage since this summer. 

I will continue this series until I finish off what we have gotten them!

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  1. I start planning early on and hunt for deals. I did this even before we had Baby A and now its taken on a life of its own. I make a list of items I want him to have and then break them up among the different families that want to get him things. Hubby's side gets one list and mine another.


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