Sunday, October 27, 2013

Christmas Haul: Part 2

For Christmas, the girls are getting their big outside toy which are bikes. You can see that post here.

The way we do it is we give them one large outside toy and one semi large inside toy. This year because of A's age and the amount we travel, we decided to get her an InnoTab. I really like for my girls to be outside and not rely on insides toys and get addicted to being indoors. I really hesitated with this because part of me feels like she is too young and I am afraid she will get addicted to it, but the other part of me feels like it is something she (and us parents) will appreciate on flights, train rides, and long distance drives. We love to travel and I hate seeing her getting bored and doing nothing during the travels. Not to mention, kids her age have already had them for a year or two so I felt like 1 - she was mature enough anyway and 2 - as I parent, I waited until she was ready and understood its use. This will be used for travels and something to preoccupy her when I have to tend to E and need her to be quiet and still, especially when Mr. Man is gone. So here is her "big" inside toy:

Innotab 3s in Pink

Carrying Case

Toy Story Game

For E, she is obviously too young and really won't understand any of it. But I really wanted to get her another large item to be fair. Even though she may not catch on, A may. So what I did was I picked something that I thought she would really like based on her interests of the toys we already have, something educational, and something that would grow with her. With that, I found this new toy by Vtech.

Vtech Alphabet Activity Cube

The rest of what I got them are basic filler items. Smaller toys - both educational based on their age and a couple of what actually interests them. Again, since E really doesn't have interests, I bought her things that I never had with A that I would have liked or things that I felt A enjoyed but it brought or got abused and didn't make it to her.

Let's start with what interests A. A is very much a tomboy. Her favorite things are dinosaurs, Buzz Lightyear, Spiderman, the Hulk, and Iron Man. She has asked for a Jessie, Woody, and Buzz from Toy Story. But Buzz is by far her favorite. Mr. Man was set on getting her a Buzz, so we did.


Then, she recently started showing lots of interest in trains. We don't have space for a train table at this time, but she already had some magnetic trains. I thought I would go ahead and get her a figure eight wooden train track.

Melissa and Dog Figure 8 Train Track

For E, she doesn't have very many interests. She is starting to get more interested in A's puzzles. A does puzzles often right now, so I thought I would get more. We only have 2 right now. Even though I am using them as E's gifts, they will definitely both use them.

Melissa and Doug Wooden Puzzles

She is into putting things inside other things and digging things out. They had this cute hippo that you put shapes in its mouth and it tells you its shape and its color. It also plays music. The belly also lights up. I thought it was adorable and perfect for her.

Playskool Hippo Shape and Color Toy

I will do a separate post on the small toys and stocking stuffers.

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  1. love this! Buddy Bear is getting the alphabet cube from hubby when he gets back from deployment. He may be young for it but it was too cute to not get.

    I wish I had seen the hippo before I picked up a coin treasure chest. I like the idea of being about to talk about colors and shapes.

    I don't know if you saw this but they make a innotab baby 3. It has infant games on it and it also works with the older children's games as well. We are looking into it for our son because we will be doing a bit of traveling and like you all, thought it would be a good travel toy. Hubby is still looking into the different between the two but I figured it wouldnt hurt to share.


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