Thursday, October 31, 2013

Obesity Letter Over Candy Treats???!!!

Woman handing out obesity letters, not Halloween candy

Like seriously.... who does that?! Filling kid's Halloween buckets with letters calling them obese is definitely more 'trick' than 'treat'. I definitely do not agree with this way of addressing this important, yet very touchy, topic of childhood obesity.

In my opinion, this lady isn't doing anything for these kids. It is obvious that she feels that their parents are the ones responsible for the issue, but her words are so cruel and unkind. If she really wants to make a difference in childhood obesity, she needs to reach out in other ways and to the people she actually feels is responsible. This does absolutely nothing for those children other than belittle them. 

Also, it is the parent's choice on how they handle and parent their children. I definitely would not want someone telling me how to parent these children, let alone telling me what I can feed them. Of course, this is in the content that I am properly providing for them and not only giving them sugar to fuel their little desires. 

What about the older children who can read and understand such harsh words? The pre teens who are picked on daily for their weight, despite the fact that they eat fairly healthy and exercise. The ones who play sports, yet still carry some extra weight. That was me. 

Not to mention what drives these young teens to a level that no parent ever wants to endure.... suicide. Suicide over weight concerns and other physical attributes.... and the fact that others are judging them based on their outside and not getting to truly know them. You know... the silly stuff that this world has come to. 

Now to the real situation at hand.... This is one night for children to enjoy the extra candies, the fun of dressing up, and getting the surprise of the treats. Give them a break. 

If this woman was really concerned, maybe she could hand out some apples?? Or clementines that she sharpied to look like a Jack-o-lanterns?? That is actually a good idea. In fact, I wish more people did do this!

When it comes to ours girls and their candy, we let them gather one piece for 15 trunks or houses. We only trick or treat once, and we hand out for the remaining of the trick or treats that we are apart of. A is allowed a piece a day if she listens and has good behavior. Otherwise, she misses out on the candy. 

So how do you handle the candy afterwards? 1 piece a day? Free for all? For incentives?

Happy Halloween! 


  1. I am appalled at what this lady did. She has no right at all.

    1. I thought the exact same thing. She obviously feels it is the parents'wrong doings, so why punish and blame the kids?

  2. you make excellent points. If she wanted to do anything she should hand out a healthy or healthier treat for kids. Leading by example wouldn't be a bad way to go. If she really wanted to make a difference that would be a far better way to go. She clearly doesn't have children or she would know how damaging that could be.


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