Monday, June 24, 2013

Where is everyone?

Where is everyone? I mean that.

I have spent the last few weeks going through my reading list, and I can't believe who has announced the end of their time blogging and who hasn't blogged in months or even years.

I have met so many amazing people through blogging, and it is just so hard to believe that some of my favorite blogs are gone. Well, not gone... but not up to date.

So this post is to see where everyone is.

If you read my blog and you also blog regularly, please leave your URL so I can check your blog out, too!!


  1. I try to blog regularly. Some weeks are obviously better than others.

    1. You have no idea how long I have been trying to find you again. That is actually why I started going through my reading list. Because you always comment, and I wanted a way to contact you. Anyway, thank you for posting this! I'm on my way now!! :)

  2. I have felt the same way many bloggers aren't posting nearly as often {myself included!}. I really think Instagram has had a HUGE effect on this! Are you on IG?



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