Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Review: Piggy Paint

I mentioned before that I was going to write a short review about my opinions on Piggy Paint. It is a popular accessory for the parent who tries to be as green as possible. I am one of those parents. When I came across Piggy Paint, I had to have some for my girls. When I purchased my set, I actually only had A and she was only 9 months old. I immediately gave it try on myself.

Here is my first impression...
It's simple. I wasn't impressed. In fact, I wondered what all the hype was about. It chips, it fades. Two things I do not like in a nail polish. But then I had to take a step back and think about why I actually purchased it. I didn't purchase it necessarily for me (even though I was hoping to replace my nail polish collection with Piggy Paint). I simply purchased it as a safe polish for A.

Over time, I tried different times to put the polish on A. She never cooperated. Now that she is older, she understands a bit more. The most recent rainy day, she requested that we paint our toes. I gladly accepted and off we went to paint our toes. We each picked our colors and sat on a towel and off we went in our little princess land of painting toes. A picked a soft pink color, and I thought it was perfect. I don't care for her to have bold and too bright of colors on her at this age. She asked that I paint her toes first, so I did. I did the first coat. For her's I did no base coat or even a top coat. I simply painted her toes with the Piggy Paint. I let the first coat dry. While it was drying, I painted mine. I picked a light purple color. I; however, did do a base coat and a top coat. I also applied two coats on mine. Once I did my base coat and first coat, I did A's second coat. I made sure she sat and let them dry. I touched to make sure they were dry and everything. Off she went to play and be a kid.

That night, her toes had faded and chipped. It actually stayed more on her skin, then it did her nails. Which is opposite for most other nail polishes. Was it just because she is in fact a kid? And that will happen since it is the type of polish it is? What am I doing wrong?

For mine, it was the same thing that happened the first time with added issues. This time a white film built over my nails. I used the piggy paint base coat and top coat, so I don't fill like I could blame it on the type of base coat and/or top coat I used. There has to be something I am missing because I seriously think this product can be great. It has to be since everyone raves over it. I have seen it on so many lists of top summer must-have's and I see so many people wanting to purchase it for their children. Others recommend it and it is an ongoing hyped up product.

I would love to know where I am going wrong. What am I doing? Why isn't it working out so well for myself?

I will continue to use it and try different approaches because 1 - I want to love it and 2 - it is a great alternative for the girls.

Have you ever tried Piggy Paint? If so, am I doing something wrong/different? What is your opinion on it?

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  1. I own one piggy polish and to me the only difference between them and regular nail polish is that they don't yellow the toe nail if left on for an extended period of time. Regular polish can/will yellow nails. To me They didn't seem worth it over all when a great base coat and keeping polish on for no longer than 2 weeks and allowing a day or so in between polishes for it to breath.


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