Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nail Obsession

I have become obsessed with fingernail polish lately. I have even been looking at simple ways to create fun "doodles" on the nails. There are so many that I am like "I have to have that!" or "I must try that!" But then reality sets in and I wonder where I would find the time or energy to even do such a thing. I have had time to paint my toes, which I did for Christmas. Painted Baby A's too. But that's about it. Plus, it is definitely still too cool for sandals here, so ties don't show. Nails on the other hand.... I better get with it!

Holiday 2011

Love this color. Polka dots are cute, too!

Essie Haute As Hello

I need this color in my life.

How about some Easter themed nails?

Easter Nails!

Easter eggshells.


  1. Sharpie marker... I paint my nails and let it dry. And then take a sharpie marker and doddle. You can leave it like this and after about 3 showers it comes off. Or you can put a clear polish over and keep it.

    I used a marker once cause I was bored. Realized how much time it saves. I can do awesome designs with it to (just right hand is better lol and toes are awesome).

    Hope that helps

  2. AW! I am becoming a bit obsessed with nails, as of late.
    so cute!
    PS. I just stopped by your blog for the first time!
    It's great! :)
    much love, colie


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