Saturday, March 3, 2012


I mentioned in one of my previous posts about possibly moving and needing to do this and that to be prepared for it. Well, some of you asked about if we knew where we were going and what not. I had not been blogger about it because - to be honest - I had been bummed about the results. Most of you knew that we wanted to try and extend our time here in England.

We absolutely love it here, and we have built so many memories here. From travelling to raising our daughter, we have done a lot here. I could not imagine our life being any different.

When the time came, we did put in to extend. While Mr. Man was in Korea, we got denied that opportunity. I was bummed; we were bummed. Mr. Man and I discussed our next step and decided that we would try to extend by either 1 year or 2 years. It was our choice. We chose to go with 1 year because the thought of going somewhere new became exciting and exhilarating. We became anxious, and we were curious were life was going to lead us. With that said, we decided to try for just one more year. One year would give me the opportuntiy to finish school without working, and Mr. Man would finish off what he started here with his new job. Sadly, we never heard back.

Fast forward to December time frame. We knew our chance of getting an overseas base was going to happen in January. The list came out, but there was not much for Mr. Man's job and rank. Other than Korea.. which we did not want at this time. I was bummed; we were bummed. We kept our overseas dream sheet the same and moved on to what stateside had to offer us. We thought we would find out where we were going in January, but we missed that cycle by just a few days. At this time, we knew we were not staying overseas (or thought) so we began thinking about where in the states we would like to go. We built our dream sheet based from that, not the listing. While we were in Germany the stateside listing came out, we didn't know about it. We didn't get to try and play the list, but it worked out for us because what was on the list was places we had on our sheet. Still no orders, realize we have to wait until April.

Then March 1st comes around. This was this past Thursday. Mr. Man was off for the day because the next day he would be testing for Technical Sgt. He had been studying his head off, seriously... spending every waking hour studying, all of his weekends studying, too. On Thursday, we get a call from his shop. One of his buddies asks him if he checked his work email and stated that he probably should.

At this point, we knew. We knew we got orders, but the questions was where to? Mr. Man told me and pulled up his work email. Internet goes down. I get a bit emotional realizing that we are not staying here in England. We will not be living in the house that our daughter was raised in for her first year, and there would be a chance she would never get to see England - the place she was born, the country that she is a legal citizen of. I sit patiently and not think, not look - just wondering. Everything possible happens to delay us seeing what was in store for us. Finally, it worked.

And.......... it was the best news of a lifetime. WE ARE STAYING OVERSEAS. Not England, though. We will be moving at the end of the summer.

Would anyone like to take a guess as to where we will be going before I spill the beans?

No?! You just want to know already.

Okay, okay. I am excited too and truly I can't keep it in.

We are moving to........

ITALY! Aviano AB!!


  1. Congrats! We are waiting for our options to show up. We just put in first selection and all by 1 has been denied. This reason and that reason which I found out were lies. My husband has to put in a hardship transfer. We are wanting out of Virginia because of my allergies. We even said we would take Japan and stay there for a long period of time. But no help. Good thing you got something you wanted :)

  2. That was my guess! Let me know if you have any questions, I am out of here this month but am here for anything you need!! Add yourself to the spouses page, people are pretty helpful on there (the non drama ones) and there are tons of documents that will help!!

  3. Congrats! Yay for getting to stay overseas! :)

  4. Lucky, lucky girl! How amazing for your to have two fantastic bases in a row?! Congrats!!


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