Sunday, March 11, 2012

Germany: Berlin 1

After we spent a couple of days in Cologne, we headed out to Berlin. We took the train, and the ride was about 4.5 hours. Baby A loves the trains and did very well. She found out that she does not like small spaces, which made diaper changing hard on the train, but not unbearable.

The first night there we did what became a tradition for the whole trip. We went and checked in at our hotel, set up our hotel room, and grabbed a bite to eat. Later that night we went on our first evening, nightly walk to take some pictures. We spent four days in Berlin, and we cram packed them with tours, museums, and other sightseeing adventures. Baby A did very well, as always.

While we were in Berlin, Mr. Man and I both got food poisoning. We think it was from some turkey we ate one night with dinner, but it past within 12 hours. Lucky us.

Here are some pictures of the first night there.


  1. Wow!! this looks absolutely amazing!!! that totes sucks you got food poisoning on vacation!!!! I would love to see Berlin, I have only made it as far as Spain! Good luck with the rest of your trip!!

  2. WOW- What beautiful photos! Sorry to hear you got food poisioning. At least it passed quickly.


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