Tuesday, October 19, 2010


We made it to and from Wales. We had such a great time. We climbed Snowdon just as we wanted. It was 8.8 miles and very very steep. It was exhausting, but well worth it. We reached the top, all 4 of us. It took us 8 hours to accomplish, but we all made it safely. We took pictures at the top and even took a picture of the belly to signify that the baby made it to the top, too. Of course, our baby boy got a picture at the tip top, and so did Mr. Man. The walk was amazing. We took the most scenic route, which explains why it took so long. We took so many pictures. It was absolutely amazing. We saw ruins from a castle, cathedral, and old houses and farms. They have a train that also goes up to the top and back down. The climb was tough. I'm not going to lie about that. I was taking Granny steps, and I would have to take a break after walking up some steep areas. It was funny to see other people not finishing it because they got too tired. There was this one really intimidating part where a lot of females decided to stop and let their partners finish the climb and come back down for them. I thought they were crazy! They made it so far, and then just stopped. But what made it even funnier was that some of them that decided to finish it would find others that they were climbing with to beat them as motivation for them. Like I said before, I was taking Granny steps because I was worried about falling and I did not want to get my heart rate up. There was this one girl that used me as her motivation. It was really funny when I realized what was going on. Mr. Man said, "Let her be your motivation, too." I was like, "Really, are you encouraging this womanly competitiveness." Of course, I took my time. Although I did pass and beat her. When I reached the top, I just wanted to scream that I was 15 weeks pregnant. I really did. When people saw us taking pictures of my belly, they asked if I was pregnant, and when I told them they were in shock. Many people were in shock that Mr. Buttons climbed it, too. And walked it back down. I had a couple of women ask me if I had to carry him or anything. I found it interesting. He is a puppy. Dogs love nature. And my baby boy was extremely happy to be out in this area. He was the happiest little doggy ever!

The next day we went down to the beaches. We wanted to go to the Irish Sea and touch it since that is our thing now - touching all the seas and oceans that we can. We went down to Lluando to the pier. It is similar to the one in San Francisco. We saw Buttons's brother. He looked just like Buttons - curly hair, unclipped ears, and a tail. It was so cute to see because it is rare to see a Schnauzer with all of those. The pier was nice, really nice. It was relaxing and in a great location. We did a little shopping, and we bought a wool blanket since that is what they are known for. I am in love with the blanket now. I thought I would not like it because I do not like itchy blankets, but this blanket is not itchy at all. Super comfy. We bought our boy a dragon because Wales is known as the "Land of Dragons". We got him a stuffed dragon. That is about it that we did at the beach.

We also went to Swallow Falls. It is the largest natural waterfall in Wales. It is beautiful. We saw many waterfalls while there, but this one was really awesome. We could feel the mist from the waterfall, and it was really high. I actually almost had a panic attack looking down at it. We also had a waterfall located right behind our cottage. It was the Conwy waterfall. Every morning we took Buttons out to it to use the bathroom before we headed out on our adventure. It was really pretty, and I love the sound of water. It was so relaxing and refreshing.

We spent a lot of time walking in the woodlands, checking out the nature, and walking the local villages.

Overall, our trip was amazing. We both wish we could have stayed a bit longer. But it will give us an excuse to go back. We love little nature trips like this. It was definitely just what Mr. Man needed after all these long weeks of work.

I will try to post pictures very soon. I still haven't finished our Italy pictures. I am way behind, so please bare with me. We also got some video footage of the tired Mommy and Baby, so I may share those with you all, too. So for now, this is it! We are home, safe, and refreshed!

By the way, this is my 200th post! Time sure has flown. Should I do something to celebrate? Yes, No, Maybe so. What do you think? I do have a few things in mind for giveaways, and one thing in mind for a game. For now, I am out.


  1. I just found your blog and love reading of your travels! I look forward to following along! We love traveling as much as possible as well and recall Wales fondly from my college days when traveling in London... Your pup is adorable too - we have two puppies and three babies and we're in the process of adopting twins from Ethiopia!
    beneath the acacia tree

  2. Happy 200th post! Sounds like it was the perfect mini vacay! Pictures soon :)


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