Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Weekend:

Our weekend was so laid back, yet so awesome. I do not think we stuck with a single thing planned other than hitting the market on Saturday.

Friday- Mr. Man came home from work at about midnight. We went upstairs showered and hit the hay.

Saturday- We woke up at about 10:30am, but did not get out of bed until closer to 11am. We had no set times for anything, so we took our time getting up, cooking breakfast, and getting dressed. Mr. Man cooked us some eggs with cheese, and I made us some orange cinnamon rolls. Yummy! After we ate and cleaned up the kitchen, we headed back upstairs to get dressed. Mr. Man asked me what I was wearing, so I told him "sweats, a shirt, and my boots because not much more fits me." As I am sitting at my vanity doing my makeup, he walks up in sweats and a t-shirt! He says, "well I thought I would match you so you would not feel bad." I am not going to lie... it has kind of been eating me up that I can hardly fit in my clothes, which means I can not dress up like I normally do and I generally dress up everywhere we go! I laughed at him and told him thank you. He's such a sweet heart. Mr. Man got our baby boy dressed and ready, too. (We always take him to the markets with us!) We packed up the car with a grocery bag, money, and some water. When we got to the market, we went straight to the produce stands because that has been a favorite of mine lately - fresh fruits and veggies. We stocked up! I let Mr. Man grab some fresh seafood, but he was so sweet and let me choose what I thought looked appealing, too. I chose "Dover Sole" and stuffed crabs. We came across a duck stand that normally only has fresh duck eggs, but this time they had some teal. I am not a big duck fan (it's too tough for me), but he loves to make a stew with stuff like that, so he grabbed a couple. We filled up our grocery bag then brought it back to the car. I paid to park for 4 hours because we generally will get the things we want from the market, then take Buttons to the gardens to run around and we will picnic. Well, since we still had over 2.5 hours left of parking, we brought the food back to the car and went back for the gardens. The ducks and swan are out, so we sat on a bench by them and ate some ice cream. It was very relaxing. After that, we came home and did absolutely nothing. Well, I lie. Mr. Man cooked the Dover Sole, which is a fish. I heated up the stuffed crabs and roasted lots of veggies. We ate dinner and watched movies.

Sunday- We missed church because we woke up again at almost noon. (Our schedules are totally screwed up.) Mr. Man had to go to work around 5pm to take care of some business, and we needed some everyday groceries. We went and did some shopping, Mr. Man got himself a hair cut, I picked me up a new jacket for our hike, and we grabbed groceries. We walked on base for about 3 miles because it was too close to when Mr. Man needed to get to work. So we waited around for about 20 minutes, and he went and did his business at work. When he was done, we went home. I had put red beans and rice with sausage on to cook overnight on Saturday and let it cook for most of the day on Sunday. By the time we got back home, we just heated dinner, I made cornbread, and we ate and watched TV.

Today- We did a little more. We went to a river and walked with our baby boy. We walked about 5 or more miles. I forgot to look at the sign after 5 miles, so I have no clue how long we walked. We love to be in nature, and this place was pretty amazing. We brought snacks because it was during my lunch time, and we ate on a bench by the ducks and swans. It was awesome. Except for the fact that the swans were mean. Not all of them, but two of them were. They would walk up to Buttons and hiss at him. Poor little guy was just sitting on the bench by us and watching the ducks. Mr. Man would scare them away. Poor Buttons did not even care. He had no idea. But after we ate, we continued the walk. I wanted to walk the whole thing since I really want to climb Snowdon next weekend while we are in Snowdonia. I think I can do it :)

I will share a couple of pictures of today with you all. Pictures are a nice change of pace I would say!

^^^ This is the mean swan!! 


  1. Okay, the fact that you can even wear jackets, sweats, jeans, etc makes me envious of you. It's still in the 80s and 90s where we live! It sounds like you had a great weekend with your uber-supportive hubby.

    I would LOVE your recipe for red beans and rice with sausage and the cornbread!

  2. That sounds like a great weekend and what beautiful pictures! I must say I'm in New Orleans this week and I was thinking about you while eating some good cajun food!!! Hope the rest of your week goes well!


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