Friday, October 8, 2010

This Week:

This week has had nothing exciting happen! Mr. Man is on 12s, yet again. Well actually, only for half of the week. We have a 3 day weekend, but guess who has to go in on Sunday? Mr. Man. Wow, what's new? Absolutely NOTHING!

We are going to go to a market this weekend and pick up some fresh veggies, seafood, fruit, and olives. We are going to take the pup with us, so he can get some time out of the house. Then on Sunday, Mr. Man will tend to his business. Monday is a holiday, so we are going to do some shopping for me and the baby, which is exciting since it will be our first experience with it because Mr. Man has been so busy.

But this last week has been boring. My symptoms really have not changed much. I was able to cook and eat chicken successfully. I was scared to even attempt it, but I swallowed my fear and went with it. I am so glad I did. I get tired more often, especially when I try to do a lot in one day. My lower back has recently started aching. It has not been too bad, though. The spare bedroom is cleared out. I just need to bring the things we are donating to the charity shop. Other than that, same ole stuff.

Next week is finals. I am so excited. I have started on them way early, so I can get a break between the next classes. We are going to Snowdonia, so I do not want to have to worry about them or school. We are excited about going on a mini-vacation again because our last experience was amazing. We love lazy getaways that involve sleeping in, cooking late, watching the sunset and sun rise, letting the pup be a pup, and relaxing. We have no set plans, and we will go with the flow. Although we will go up Snowdon, unless something that we can not control stops us. Knock on wood. We do not want that to happen.

So, see why I have not really been blogging much? Nothing to say, really. But after November, there will be tons to say - once again! YAY!

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