Friday, October 1, 2010

Questions: (About the pregnancy)

So, I mentioned in a past blog post that I have been receiving a lot of questions. Some are the same one from a variety of people, so I thought as I get frequent questions I would do a post on it. I had many people say that they would like to see videos but it was not a must, so I will do some updates via video when I have the time.

For now I am going to answer two questions that I have been getting a lot of.

1. Will I set up a PO Box for people to send our family gifts?

The answer is (sadly) no. It is not because I do not want to. It is because I can not. Since I live overseas, I am only allowed one PO Box number, which is my state-side mailing address. I have thought about giving this out since it is not a physical address, but to be honest, it freaks me out. I do not use our real names in these posts. I keep my Twitter, Blog, and Facebook all separate. All because of paranoia. If we were in the states, it would be a different story, but we are not. However, I am very, very, very thankful that so many people would be so considerate to think of such a thing. It really means a lot to our family! I wish I could personally hug and thank each and everyone of you because I was shocked whenever I read that so many people wanted to send us things. You guys are amazing! So thank you, and I am so very sad that I can not set up something for you. 

2. Do we have themes, baby names, and other odds and ends picked out?

I mentioned this in another blog post. We do have names picked out for either a boy or girl. We also have themes, colors, and a registry. As most of you know, I did not want to find out the sex so when I found out we were finally pregnant, we began planning for both in hopes that Mr. Man would change his mind about finding out the sex. It did not work, but we did get a lot accomplished. Now, we are just sitting and waiting until the time comes. Names - We do not plan to share with anyone for a while. Also, I will not share on my blog since I do not use our real names. However, I am sure the baby will some way, some how get some nickname. That is name I will go with on here... if it happens. Colors and themes - I really have no problem telling you, but I have family that reads this so for now it will be a secret until we find out the sex. The registries are officially finished, and I have already started giving the information out to my close friends here that are about to PCS and anyone else who has asked for it. 

Just because we have all this picked out does not mean we are completely done thinking about it all. So if you have any suggestions on anything, please feel free to share! 

I want to do a fun post about baby names in the future. Just to see names that people hate, love, or just would not use or really want to use but the significant other does not. So be thinking about those because I love reading other people's thoughts and such on baby names. 

For now, I am going to eat me some yummy taco soup that I made for dinner!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! 

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