Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wishful Wednesday: New Vehicle?

Mr. Man and I have been shopping around for new cars. We haven't decided what we want to get or when we will actually get one, but we know it will be soon enough. I like to shop around and fall in love with something before I just up and buy it.

I can't decide if I want another car or if I want an SUV. All this will depend on where we go next and how soon we leave. So a lot of things are in the air. But here are the vehicles I would love to have that are definitely in the run!

Nissan Altima

Audi Q7

Audi A4

I have gone back and forth between the A4 and A6, but I prefer the look of the A4. As far as the SUV, I am having a hard time because I am super picky and Mr. Man refuses to allow me to drive a minivan.

Color of choice, black!

There will be two vehicles purchased closely together depending on where our next station is going to be. If we go back to the states, we will both get new vehicles. If  we stay overseas, then Mr. Man will purchase something from that country and I will get a new car. 

I would love to hear opinions, thoughts, advice, recommendations, etc. We are hoping to purchase a car in the next 3 - 6 months! 


  1. I personally feel it is a lot easier getting a child in and out of an SUV. Not a big deal when they are still in an infant seat, you just snap in but when having to put a toddler in a seat, an suv is easier! I suggest if you are thinking of having a second child in the future to also be sure two seats will fit comfortably in the back.
    My mom has a 2011 Maxima and I very much dislike the back seat, it is NOT made for a carseat of any type, IMO. So, even with one car seat, check the back seat!

  2. The Audi Q7 is my dream car. My husband promised me one when we have a little more money. So I would choose that, but I'm partial to SUVs in general.


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