Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Questionnaire: Part 1

A Christmas Questionnaire for a bit of fun! If you join the fun, leave a comment with the URL so I can read yours!! :D 

1. Does your family send Christmas Cards out? 
In the past, we really didn't. We will start now since we have Baby A. Checkout this post with our card this year.

2. How soon do you start shopping?
From January to October, we put money into a separate savings account for this. I generally start shopping by September/October. This year we were thankful that we didn't have to buy much because Baby A was gifted so much and she's only 8 months old. She really doesn't need much. We set an allowance for her, and the extra money that isn't spent we put in her savings account. 

3. Who do you shop for?
Mr. Man and I shop for us a gift together. This year we got a new lens for our camera. We, of course, shop for Baby A. This year we bought her 6 gifts - 3 books, 2 movies, and 1 larger toy that is a ride on, sit and play, and standing/walking toy. I also buy for my Mom from me and my brother, and we generally get picture gifts for our grandparents and other parents because we never know what to get them.

4. Do you put up a Christmas tree? 
Yes, we put up a tree every year. There has only been 2 years that we did not have a tree. One year was when Mr. Man was deployed for the holidays. We do real trees, so I put up an extremely small artificial tree because I went home for the weekend of Christmas. Then year before last when Mr. Man went to Afghanistan, he was scheduled to leave the day before Christmas so I didn't feel I could do a tree by myself with having to send it to a special place to dispose of, so I did the small tree again - even though he didn't deploy until 29 of December. 

5. If so, is it real or fake?
We love real trees! The smell is absolutely amazing!

6. Do you like tinsel?
Some years, yes. Others, no. Depends on which ornaments I want to use. It changes every year. This year we have tinsel.

7. Do you use handmade or store bought ornaments?
We have a little of both. This year we made salt dough ornaments, so we could make one with Baby A's foot print for her first Christmas!

8. Do you put Christmas lights outside of your house?
When we were in the states, we did. We have not since being here and in base housing. Too many rules to keep up with and we have to have them off by 8pm every night. 

9. Do you put lights on your tree?
Yes, we do!! I like the ones that have the different blinking patterns. You can set them to blink fast, slow, in a rhythm, or not at all. 

10. Is there a wreath hanging on your door?
Yes, there is. It is dried apples with cinnamon sticks. It has red sparkly ornaments and holly berries as decorations. Smells great when you walk up to our door! 

All together there is 50-ish questions, so there will be multiple parts. 10 a day sounds like a plan! 

Hope you are enjoying your Friday! 

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