Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Questionnaire: Part 2

Another part to the Christmas Questionnaire I started yesterday!

11. Do you celebrate Christmas Eve?
On Christmas Eve, we use to meet at my Dad's side of the family's party and exchange gifts. This year we are starting a new tradition of watching Christmas movies, sipping hot cocoa, cooking gumbo, and staying in our PJ's.

12. Do you hang up stockings?
Yes, we have a stocking for Mr. Man, myself, Baby A, and Mr. Buttons.

13. Does your family read "Twas the night before Christmas"?
We do not read it as a family, but we do have it. I read to Baby A every night, so Christmas Eve we will read this book.

14. What is your favorite Christmas movie?
To be honest, I have a few. Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, Miracle on 34th Street, and Home Alone.

15. Who is your favorite character from any Christmas movie?
Ralphie!! Not sure if I spelt that right.

16. What is your favorite Christmas song?
Little Drummer Boy, Silent Night, and - to sing with the kids - Rudolph the Red Noise Reindeer.

17. What is your favorite Christmas memory?
I was blessed to have many really awesome Christmas's. I would say that the one that sticks out the most was the first year that my Mom gave me and my sister $1,500. We took it the next day shopping during the sales. We went to 3 malls in two states that day. It was a blast!

18. Would you rather give or receive?
No one can lie. They love to receive, but some love to equally give. This year I can proudly say that we gave in the same amount that we spent on our family to the less fortunate children, Angels, and Toys for Tots.

19. Do you prefer eggnog or cider?
I love cider!!

20. Which color do you like more - Red or Green?
Red is my 3rd favorite color, tied with purple.

21. Ham or Turkey?
Depends on how each are cooked. Lately, it has been ham - my ham.

22. Do you put a star or angel on the top of your tree?
We have had a star since I was little. Mr. Man and I still have a star, but I am ready for an angel or bow.

23. White Lights or Colored Lights?

24. Blinking lights or still lights?
Blinking on a tree. Still on the outside of houses.

So I went over 10 because I felt the last few went with one another and were simple answers. Remember if you answer these as well, leave a comment with the URL so I can read them myself. I love hearing other people's traditions!

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