Friday, July 15, 2011

I did it!

I recently have became more into crafting again. I am unsure of why or what made me decide to get back in to it, but I am excited to learn new tricks and be creative. 

I was really big in to making blankets and scrapbooking when we lived in Texas. I had the space to do it, and I enjoyed it. When we moved to England, we did not have the space for the extra stuff. I rushed through my scrapbooks I was working on and that was the end of it. However, I really miss it, and I am finding more things I want to create. 

For Baby A's announcements and Thank You's, I made the cards myself. I had stamped them and wrote personal notes to each person. I think that is what got me back in to scrapbooking because I enjoyed doing it and seeing the outcome of it. 

With having Baby A, I really want her to have a scrapbook of her first year to look back on. One of just her, so that is where the scrapbooking came back in to play. Then after that first year, I will continue to make them but as a family. Unless there are more children, then of course they would get one dedicated to them for their first year. I started purchasing things and printing pictures to get started, and I can not wait. I can not wait to get started! 

Then, as I was searching for ideas for her scrapbook, I started realizing how easy some things were to make for ourself without purchasing them. So then that all began. My main thing was to make Baby A a new and much larger bow holder because her collection is getting huge. I wanted something that would be decorative and lots of fun for her room. Something that she would never outgrow, but would fit her room and hair bows. I, of course, purchased that material and can not wait to get started. 

Then while thinking about bows, the spark of making bows came back to me. So I decided to take a plunge and buy some ribbon to do that. However, I only bought ribbon for now to play with to see what I think about it. If making the bows does not work out, I can always use it for the scrapbooks. If I do find that I have the patience for making hair bows, then I will finish purchasing the rest. Another thing that I am anxious to try out. 

Then comes the headbands, blankets, onesies, bibs... the whole lot. But shhhh, don't tell Mr. Man. 

I am going to take it one project at a time so I'm not overwhelmed. I just want to enjoy it as a hobby, and I can not wait to get all my stuff in to get started on each project!! 

I will post pictures as I do things, whether they are a piece of success or a major fail


  1. Congrats! The first step for some reason is the hardest, but it's nice to get back into things, isn't it?

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  4. That is awesome!!! Can't wait to see pictures of everything you make.


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