Saturday, July 30, 2011

Half way - 069

 We are officially halfway over with this deployment. It is so crazy to think that Mr. Man has been away for a couple of months now. Time has flown by so fast for me, and I hope it has for him too.

Things are still the same here, but what comes with deployment 50% over, comes Baby A 4 months old. In a week, she will officially be 4 months old. Seriously, it does not feel like 4 months ago that I gave birth to her. I have to say that time has not necessarily gone too fast where I can't remember her as a newborn or when she first smiled or little milestones like that. I can remember when she fit into newborn clothes, and I can remember her teeny tiny little feet. Which I am appreciative of. But everything else is going by so fast. I guess she keeps me busy and days fly by.

We are ready for Mr. Man to come home and see her everyday achievements. This little girl does something new every single day, and every single new achievement amazes me more and more. I can not believe how amazing she is and every little accomplishment brightens my heart more and more.

Her 4 month appointment is not until August 18th, where she will actually be 2 weeks over 4 months, but I will be sure to update on weight and height. Maybe even get some pictures for ya'll.

Speaking of pictures... I had her 3 month old shots done. Did I ever show those?? I guess I should go back and look because they are so adorable!!

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