Friday, January 28, 2011

Thoughts (on ME deploying):

I have been thinking a lot about something particular. It is something that I would love to do, and I have always considered it. But I was always afraid of it because Mr. Man has been to less fortunate countries and have seen some sad things, and he would tell me that I probably would not be able to handle it. Or that it would make me depressed or something like that. That always made me think and reconsider if I could do it.

Now that I am older, I want to do it. In spite of possibly getting a huge eye opener, I would love to experience for the sake of other people. Mr. Man goes on numerous TDYs and deployments while I stay home and hold the house.... Now what if the tables were turned? I'm not talking about going to Afghanistan with a gun in one hand and a grenade in the other (LOL!-- ok, it sounded cool!), I am talking about going on a....

Mission Trip.

Do you ever wonder who you could impact? How it would change your life? What you would do for these people that suffer or lack things? Or need the support to build their community? Want to be a Christian based community but do not have the funds to make it happen. Rely on others to bring Bibles, preachers, paper, pens, and a positive attitude to help them get started. Do you ever think about the children? The life it could offer them. The imagination of doing things that they would have never thought was possible before. Would there be tears of happiness flowing down the adult's faces in thankfulness? Showing just how appreciative they are of what these shelfless people are doing. Thanking God for sending just the right people to build them and their families up. To give them strength to carry on even when times get tough. To push passed any disease, financial situation, house fire, or other natural disaster. To share their love with others just as the people who visit them share.

Do people that go on these mission trips think about how it will impact them - in a negative way? Do they worry about getting depressed and never pulling out it? Do they fear they will cry in front of all these less fortunate people? What stops them from going through with their passion for helping others?

Today, I sat around thinking about. Not sure why or what made it come up. It started with me thinking about how I would like to get more involved with our church. I always have wanted to, but I felt that I was not the appropriate age or did not have the appropriate experience. But when you through a child in the mix of it all, it changes. You know you want them to be involved, and you know you will make sure they are. When that happens, it automatically throws you out there and you become more involved. This is where the thought process began....

and this is where it ended. Mr. Man deploys. Mr. Man goes on TDYs. I stay home and make sure everything is perfect around the house. However, I would love to have him with me at all times. I wish I would have had this state of mind before there was a child in the picture, but at the same time, I feel I just wasn't ready. I was scared. So after all this thinking on this particular topic, I have added it to my list of things to do before I die. Why so long from now? Because I would love for Mr. Man to experience it with me. I would love for my children to experience it with me if they choose. I want to build a strong foundation of strength, belief, and faith before I take on the challenge. But nonetheless....

Before I die, I want to successfully complete a mission trip in another country.


  1. My aunt is an RN and she takes medical mission trips to Nicaruaga{sp?} When I graduate nursing school I really want to go with her, I talked to my hubby about it and he doesn't want me going alone cause third world countries are some what dangerous. I completely understood what he was saying so I said, okay well then your coming with me! I am scheduled to graduate in May 2012, then I am going on for my bachelors in a ten month program. I plan on going in 2013! I am pretty excited. I think that there should be more mission trips!

  2. This is a highly rewarding experience. If you are only going on short term mission trips you will find that the entire time is just filled with so much joy and blessing and for some it is just enough of what they want to experience and then go back to their daily lives. Those who are called to long term missions face many more obstacles but man does God move in mighty ways to fill their lives with Grace and Faith. I spent some time serving as a missionary to the country of India. It was a defining moment in my life and faith and I know God will soon call me back to long term missions again but in the meantime, I encourage others to seek out God and truly look for opportunities to go even if only for a few weeks because it is LIFE CHANGING for you and the people you meet! I will pray for you and pray that God will fill this desire in your heart, it is there for a reason! God Bless!!!


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