Monday, January 24, 2011

Kids say the Darnest Things:

For the first time, I have had strangers touch my belly, talk about my belly, talk to their children about my belly, and have children say the darnest things.

This last weekend I went out in normal fitted clothes. Most of you that England weather at this time of year is cold. Because of that, I generally have my big winter jacket on. When I am wearing it, you can hardly even tell I have a belly. Anyway, a new thing of mine is always being hot. So this weekend I wore normal clothes with just a small cardigan over the top.

Story #1: In church, my husband and I sit in the same spot. Towards the front in the middle of the pew. Church begins. There is always the greeting part where everyone is encourage to walk around, say good morning, shake hands, whatever. We always do. But this time it was different. A couple of people just had to touch the belly, and would jump when the baby would roll or kick. (She loves music, and music is always playing at this time.) It was awkward for me, but I kept a smile on my face because afterall, they were not complete strangers.

Story #2: Mr. Man always gets a hair cut every other Sunday after church lets out. We walk to the BX, he grabs a number and waits, and I shop. I went into the BX to look for some things when I saw a little girl with her Mom. Another person that we have mutual friends so we know of each other, but don't really know each other. Her little girl points to my belly as I walk by and says, "Mommy, she has a HUGE belly." Not a big belly, and not just a huge belly. It was a HUUUGGGEEEEE (long and drawn out) belly. Thank goodness I am proud of this belly because otherwise I'm not sure what would have happened. I proudly walked off rubbing my belly and giggling!

Story #3: Mr. Man was waiting for his haircut, and I was finished shopping. I went to meet him to see what number he was and how long he had left to wait. Well, he still had a while to wait and there was no available chairs (although one sweet guy offered me his chair). I went in to Mr. Man and asked him to come buy me some food. Really, I just wanted him to eat with me. I hate eating alone. Normally we do not eat there, but since it was such a long wait, I needed lunch. The lady sitting on the side of Mr. Man starts laughing. Next thing I know, her son is laughing with her. This was over me asking Mr. Man to come buy me lunch. As Mr. Man is getting up, the woman points to my belly. She then asks her son (which I would say is about 4 or 5) and says "What do you think is in her belly?" I immediately was like, "Oh great!" Mr. Man's gears were going 90 to nothing, and I could tell he wanted to say something really sarcastic, like it was a basketball or watermelon... or something. Thankfully, he did not say a word, and to my surprise, the little boy starts giggling and says, "A baby..." It was so sweet. I was not expecting that at all!

And if you are wondering, I did ask Mr. Man later on what he was thinking whenever the lady asked her son what he thought was in my belly. Mr. Man said, "I almost said that you smuggled a bunch of clothes from the BX!" Hahaha, I told you he had something up his sleeve! He always does!

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