Wednesday, January 12, 2011

11 Things to Achieve in 2011:

It's a New Year. And what comes with a New Year? Literally a new year - a new adventure, no matter what it may be. For us a child, testings, school, promotions, volunteering, traveling, many things. When I posted my Top 10 Moments of 2010, I thought it would be a great thing to post an "11 Things to Achieve in 2011". (The numbers matching up is fruity, I know! But fun.) Most people have New Years Resolutions, but my family never does those. We will think about things we would like to improve on or do more of, but it comes with time, money, and other things.

It was fun to think about what I would like to do in 2011, but it was very hard because I am very simple. I do not know what having a child will be like, so it was hard to determine what was realistic to achieve. But I will give it my best shot anyway.

The List:

1. Travel- Of course, I want to travel. I hope that we are still able to travel even with a child. I know she may slow us down a bit, but I do not think she will stop us from doing it all. The places I would like to travel to are: Germany, Scotland, Cornwall, Spain, Greece, France. I think I will stop there because we all know it will not all happen in 2011, but hopefully a couple of them will.

2. Survive our Third Deployment- I really have not talked much about this. By choice, of course. Mostly because too many people get to asking the wrong questions, and I find that it puts me in an awkward position. Now, since family and friends read this blog, I did not want them to be worrying over whether Mr. Man would be here for the birth or her first Christmas or whatever the case. Well, now the "cats out of the bag". Mr. Man "will most likely" deploy again this year. If you have been following me for a while, you know I started this blog while he was deployed last year (January-May 2010). For us, we expected it. I actually expected it sooner and longer. He will be here for the birth!

3. Continue My Education- As much of you know, my educational career has been my priority in my life for the past couple of years. It still is, and that will not change. I may have a child, my husband may deploy, but that does not stop me from being a functional Mom and Wife to my family. I still need to provide. I still need to support. And I still deserve a future for myself and my family.

4. Get Back in to Shape- This has to be my favorite one. Only my favorite one because I am so motivated right now. Talking about working out after the baby motivates me and inspires me so much. It makes me want to drop everything I am doing and hit the gym right away! And I would if I could. I love being pregnant (do not mistake that!), but I do miss the way I was working out before. PS- I crave SuperPump!

5. Raise a Happy, Healthy Baby Girl- Of course, this is a given. The most important thing in my life. The one I would do absolutely anything for. The one I give my all to. Hopefully, Baby A will leave a happy, healthy life with loving parents who are there for her 100% of the way and only want the best for her.

6. Learn More About My Camera- I need to find some time to play more with my camera, and "that's the bottom line".

7. Take Mr. Buttons on a Couple of Hiking Trips- So this kind of goes with traveling, but I think that it needs to be separate because I want to do a couple of trips just for him. I love watching him play in nature. I love seeing him play at the beaches, in the sand dunes. I love when my fluffy puppy is happy and his ears are all perky!

8. Read to My Daughter Every Night- We are buying Baby A a 365 days of short stories from the bible. I have always wanted to do this, and I do still plan to do this. That way when she is a year old, she will have heard the bible in a nutshell. I plan to continue to read the bible to her, but I would also like to incorporate other books in to it.

9. Eat Dinner at the Table as a Family- Right now, this is not happening. Mr. Man is still on swings, so we eat no meals together - except for the occasional breakfast. But once Baby A arrives, he is being put on days. Neither one of us are thrilled about that, but we are (once again) grateful that they are thinking about our little family. I want to start eating dinner at the table like in the past, so we will have that solid tradition when Baby A can join us.

10. Breastfeeding- Ok, so this goes with everything to do with Baby A. Yep, it does. But I have decided to separate it because it is one thing that I have a strong passion about. I want to be able to breastfeed her for at least 1 year. I want her to be exclusively breastfed for 6 months before starting solids. I want to never put anything before that, whether I have to go work at the schools or whatever, I want to have her so of "Mommy's milk" at all times. No excuses!

11. I will save this as a personal wish that I prefer not to discuss here. So, let's just say a little prayer that it works out. I would greatly appreciate it.

What would you like to achieve this year? Do you have a New Year's Resolution? Do you have a wish for this year? Do you need a  prayer or two also? I would love to hear what each of your plans are!


  1. Hm - I bet hiking is on Mr. Buttons list also. Great list

  2. Sounds like some wonderful goals!! I am preggers for the first time and I am really scared about breast feeding! I watched a friend go through a horrible time with it, but she stuck with it! I commend you for all of your awesome goals and the bible story book sounds so sweet. Give us a link to it if you can.


    Looking forward to catching up on your blog

  3. New follower, Look foward to reading more! Check out my blog I do giveaways quite often.. Thanks.. Hope you had a wonderful weekend

  4. I love that your goal is to read to your little girl! :) I teach second grade and I can tell you that reading to your child makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!!! It is so good for them to hear models of how to read with expression and read fluently! You don't even realize the benefit at the time, but trust me, it will pay off! :) Plus it's fun! Great list!

  5. Love all of your goals, hope you achieve them mine would be to have my business to expand even more.


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