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3 Simple Ideas for Unwanted Christmas Presents:

This is another awesome guest post from Sam. I seriously laughed out loud when I read the title. It made me super curious to see what was going to be inside. When I opened it up, I was pleasantly surprised to see some really great and fun ideas. My husband and I have always donated to multiply less fortunate children throughout our marriage, and we discussed what we would do with old toys and/or new toys that our daughter just did not need. We had actually thought of the things listed on this list. What's so great about it, is you can make it as personal you want or do it anonymously. 

The last one is my favorite. I love to take old sweaters and pants that either no longer fit or just look hideous for my taste. I like to convert them to other things. Of course, I am not a craft pro by any means, but I have discovered some simple techniques to reusing the material without just trashing it. 

3 Simple Ideas for Unwanted Christmas Presents
Christmas has finished and a new year begins and whilst many people are wearing the new clothes they got for Christmas or listening to their new albums there are quite a few that will be left with unwanted gifts. Unfortunately this happens every year but do not fret as there are quite a few things you can do to save money or to swap gifts for something you wanted. Although we know Christmas is a lot more than just the presents there is no point of leaving an unwanted gift lying around the house.
Here we highlight 3 simple tips for unwanted Christmas present:
  1. Recycle unwanted Gifts
Just because the gifts you received are unwanted in your eyes it doesn’t mean that no one   wants them. Why not consider giving them away to someone close to you, either as a surprise gift or save them for birthdays later in the year. The key to this idea is to make sure you give the present to someone who is not close to who gave you the present. If this seems like something you wouldn’t consider then you can always donate unwanted gifts to the local charity shops or hospices. This will let them make money for a worthwhile charity and will let you feel better about yourself.
  1. Raise money for your Social/Sports Organisation
Unwanted gifts can be a great way for you to raise money for any sports or social clubs you may belong to. Speak to people at your club and see who else has unwanted items and if there are a few of you can sell raffle tickets.  This is a great way to benefit from your present and raise that much needed money for your club.
  1. Get Creative
Ok, so you didn’t get what you wanted but that doesn’t mean you can’t have what you wanted. By being creative you can turn that unwanted woolly jumper into a nice warm scarf and you also get the enjoyment out of the process.

This article was written in association with The Rug House, the supplier of ethically produced rugs for sale and a strong supporter of recycling. 

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