Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dear Daddy - 001

Dear Daddy,

Today was church day. Baby A did not get her morning nap so she was a bit fussy. We had to sit in the cry room for the first half of the service. But she finally chilled out and we were able to sit in the front for the sermon. Then we went shopping. I bought her a few outfits on clearance. They are super cute and summery. After that, we came home and chilled out for the day. I made me a sandwich for lunch while Baby A played on the floor with some toys. She finally got herself a nice nap, and I took advantage of it and did my school work. I finished two of my papers, but I still need to submit them. I did cook dinner tonight. Just some simple Tuna pasta stuff - my own little creation. I froze the rest of the gumbo in individual portions for me when I can't cook. Thanks for all you do! Tomorrow will be a laid back day (I hope), but I plan on starting my new work out plan. I hope you had a good flight and are enjoying some yummy food!

We will talk to you soon, and hopefully have more to tell you whenever that time comes. We love and miss you very much. All three of us! Can't wait to see your face and hear your voice.

MUAH! - from a million miles away!

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