Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cloth Diapering:

April 24, 2011 is when these pictures were taken. This was our second day using the cloth diapers, and we immediately fell in love. Yes, you heard me right. "We" fell in love! Mr. Man now gets bummed when we have to use a disposable. I even use the cloth diapers whenever we go out for the day. We love them so much, and I am so glad that I researched and decided to use them because after a couple of weeks of using disposable, Baby A got a spot on her leg. I thought it was her birth mark coming out because that is what it looked like. It grew a little and got a bit darker, then stopped. Finally one day it began to just rub off. I did a little research and the only thing that I could find was that some babies get chemical burns. However, I am not claiming that is what it was because to be honest I have no idea. She never saw a doctor for it because by the time we realized it was not a birth mark, it was healing itself up. It never bothered her, never got red, and never swollen up. Never showed any signs of being something that was abnormal. Baby A is now 6 weeks old and we swear by our cloth diapers. She can go a whole night without being changed. Have I mentioned that she also sleeps through the night? Yep, she does that, too.

After several days of fully cloth diapering and a few loads of actually washing them, we decided to start using our cloth wipes. I was just going to use them during the day whenever I was home with her to help save from buying disposable wipes. I figured Mr. Man would not enjoy having to worry about cloth wipes, so I never even mentioned it to him. One day he saw me using them and asked why I decided to start using them, so I told him just to save from using our disposable ones. Well, lucky Mr. Man got the priviledge of changing a poopy diaper one day after work and took it upon himself to try out the cloth wipe. He immediately fell in love. I did not watch him change the diaper, so I did not even know he used it until he told me that he liked them. I asked when he used it and he explained. Come to find out, it took him 1 cloth wipe for that poopy diaper instead of using 3-5 disposable wipes. Now he's hooked!

And I can say I am a firm believer in what most cloth diapering moms have told me! And it is not as hard or time consuming as people claim. My advice to you if you are considering to cloth diaper is to try it out for yourself because you will find that it is not complicated at all if you choose the right diaper for you!

That's all for now and until next time!

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  1. Hmmm... I have to say that you definitely gave me a new perspective on cloth diapering, I might look into it a little more.


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