Monday, May 23, 2011

Dear Daddy - 002

Dear Daddy,

Today Mommy started her new exercise routine. She went for a jog this morning, but it was way too windy. It turned into a nice walk for us. The sun was shining bright, but the wind was kicking. I slept the whole time, that's just how relaxing it was. After we got home, Mommy worked on some school work. Same ole routine during the day - feed me, clean as much as possible, feed me, try to do school work, play with me, feed me, play with me some more... and of course don't forget to let Mr. Buttons out in between all of that. Mommy has been handling all this hard work very well. She still wishes you were here to help out. This afternoon she wanted to try out her Micheal Jackson The Experience Wii game. I let her by taking a small nap. When she was finished playing, she woke me up for a diaper change and feeding so we could go to the gym. Well, I was just not ready to wake up so on our walk to the gym, I fell back to sleep. I don't remember anything at the gym because I slept the whole time. Yep, you heard that right. I slept the entire time while Mommy worked out. Mommy wasn't too thrilled about the amount of sleep I was getting, but she was happy to get a nice workout. I also don't remember the walk home because I was still sleeping. However, when we got home, I decided to be a playful baby and laugh, kick, and squeal. Daddy, I forgot to tell you. I have a new fun activity. It's sneezing. I think it's so funny when I get the sneezes. They crack me up. Mommy said she will try to get it on the video camera for you. This evening we just chilled out with Mr. Buttons and Mommy tried to finish school work and cook dinner. She accomplished it by one part of the meal at a time. First the fish - cook, eat, tend to me (while eating). Next the vegetables - cook, eat, tend to me (while eating). She's becoming a better multi-tasker as the days go on. She's going to be a pro by the time it is all said and done with. Oh, and before I go, she wanted me to warn you that she will be better at dancing like Micheal Jackson than you. Beware of her skills, Daddy.

PS- Thank you for our call today. We all were very happy and relieved to hear from you. Have a good next few days, and remember we (all 3 of us) are always thinking about you.

We love and miss you big, big, BIG!

Baby A

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  1. I love how you wrote it from her perspective, so cute! =)


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