Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gender Scan - Continuation

I recently posted about the Anatomy scan that we did at 20 weeks. The lady was not able to tell what we were having, so Mr. Man and I weighed our options to decide what we wanted and should do. While we were in Ireland, we made the final decision to go ahead and find out what we were having. We decided this on the Monday after Thanksgiving, and on Tuesday I made the phone call to a place that does strictly ultrasounds. They offer different packages, and many people recommended them to us.

I made the phone call originally for us just to go ahead and have a 4d scan done. While I was on the phone, the lady told me that they recommend that the 4d ultrasounds be done 28 weeks or later. Well, for me, if we were going to wait that long, then I would rather just keep it a surprise because we would only have give or take 12 weeks left. Mr. Man was bummed, so I just suggested we do a regular 2d one just to find out the sex and later on if we decide we just have to have a 4d one, then we will schedule another one later on. Well, that is what I did. I told the lady that we would like a 2d scan to be able to determine the gender. She was so sweet about it, and asked when we would like to have it done. I asked her when her soonest appointment was (assuming that it would be a week or 2), and she said, "tomorrow at 11am!". I was like, "Bow-chicka-Wow-Wow!" I called Mr. Man at work, told him so he could let work know in case he was late for some odd reason, and to confirmed that "tomorrow" was a perfect day. Sure enough, it was. We got up the next morning, and went to the appointment. When we got there, the lady explained that they would do the 2d gender scan and asked if we had anything we would like to add. I asked that we be able to at least look at the baby for more than 2 seconds and enjoy her presence (because we really never got that before). She said, "Of course, that's what this is all about." So we went in the room, I laid down. Mr. Man got this huge comfy recliner right on the side of me and there was this huge big screen TV in front of us. The lady started the ultrasound and we watched the baby box some, then went on down to see what he/she was going to be. And of course, it was a little girl!! I immediately knew. Mr. Man was trying to find the "parts" that showed whether it was a boy or a girl, and he had no luck. So finally, I looked at him was like, "It's a girl!!" in a real squeamish voice. The woman started laughing and said, "Yes, she is right. It's a girl." I thought Mr. Man was going to fall out of this huge, comfy recliner. Poor thing was holding on so tight to it possibly being a boy, but to my surprise he took it very well. All the way home, he shook his head and said, "It's a girl. Now what?" I laughed at him and would say, "bows, dresses, shoes, jewelry, frilly socks...." and go on and on. He would put the biggest smile on his face EVER! We also discussed if we still liked our girl name we had picked out in the beginning, which we did. So we stuck with it. Before we could even get in the door, Mr. Man had the pictures out at the computer with the CD, loading music, and other things to piece together this awesome video he made. He is so very excited!

Our experience with the ultrasound was amazing. As you can see in the video, we got more than just a 2d scan. As I was laying there, the sweet lady asked if we would like to see her in 4d. I said, "sure why not." And the lady let us look at her in 4d and even gave us some pictures. She also decided to give us all the pictures on a CD, which they normally do not do. We also had double the time with the baby than what we were suppose to. It was suppose to be only 15-20 minutes, but she gave us about 45 minutes with the baby. It was really a great experience. It was very real, very life changing, and very very sweet.

Since we had a really great experience there, I decided that they deserved our money and we should do another bonding session with the baby. This time it will be all 4d, and a video will be made of the baby along with a CD of the pictures, some pictures printed, and some other small things.

While we looked at our baby girl in 4d, we discovered that she has Mommy's nose and Daddy's lips! Perfection at its best!

Hope you enjoyed the video!


  1. That is so great!!! Congrats to you two :) I can't wait to have my untrasounds and I hope they are as wonderful as yours!

  2. Congrats on your little one, wishing you a safe and healthy pregnancy.


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