Thursday, December 9, 2010

Catching up- More Pictures of Our Pouch:

Since I am way behind on these pictures, I am going to try and catch up right now! These will catch me up to the week I am now, which is 23. I have not uploaded my 23 week picture, so it will be in the next lot of pouch pictures. I hope you enjoy watching our little baby grow!

Week 17
 Week 18

 Week 19

We were so caught up in doing the baby's room for Week 20 that I completely forgot to take a picture! (Oops!)

 Week 21

Week 22


  1. ooh! so exciting! pregnancy must be a crazy experience.

  2. That pumpkin tummy picture is too cute!

  3. I did the pumpkin belly too. My daughter was born Nov 3.


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