Monday, December 13, 2010

2 Date Nights in One Weekend -- OH YEAH!!

This weekend was pretty much a boring weekend for us. We were suppose to go to the Birmingham Christmas Market, but Mr. Man ended up having to work on Saturday. We were lazy this weekend (for the most part), but hopefully next weekend, we can go to the Christmas market!

On Saturday, Mr. Man went in to work at about 8am. I slept in, then got dressed and went and did some shopping. Seriously, I forgot how crowded it gets around the holidays. Shopping alone for once was very nice and relaxing; however, it was very crowded!! I did not buy much, actually I do not think I bought a single thing. I found some things for Mr. Man, but for every single item, they were either sold out or had a huge line to checkout. I know, that's so horrible of me, but I just could not bring myself to stand in line for 30 minutes for one item. It just was not in me. I ended up walking around, not finding much, and came back home. When I got home, Mr. Man was still at work, so I finished up some school work for this week (it's finals!!) and cleaned up around the house.

As time went on, Mr. Man called me and asked what I had planned to cook for dinner. I told him beef fajitas because it was quick and sounded yummy. He said, "How about we order Chinese?" I almost actually turned down Chinese food until I remembered that I rented us two movies, so we decided on food over the phone and waited for him to get home. By the time he had gotten home, it was almost 6pm so I went and picked up the food and he showered and did small things around the house. Once I got home with the food, we fixed our plates and put in the movie. The movie we watched the first night was Date Night. I had heard people talk about it, but I could not remember if it was good or bad. Mr. Man told me he heard that it was not as good as it was suppose to be, but it was decent. Once again, I failed with the movies!! I always seem to either pick movies Mr. Man has seen or some retarded movie that is not great. Anyway, we put the movie in, and it actually was not a bad movie, but it definitely was not over the top.

After the movie, we played Zelda together on the Wii. We have been playing this game together since the summer-ish when I got it for my birthday. We have logged about 42 hours in to it so far, and still have not beat it. However, I think just a couple more hours and it should be done!! We enjoy playing it, but for me it gets old so we do not play it every day or every week at that. That is date night number 1.

Date night number 2 comes on Sunday. On Sunday, we did our normal. Sunday's are a lazy day, but also a BBQ/Roasting day for the family. It is a small tradition we started a while back. It also gives Mr. Man some time to get some more manly food instead of the things I cook throughout the week. Every week, I let him pick out something to cook. This week he chose a leg of lamb. To be honest, I do sometimes cringe at the things he chooses. But I do have to say that it always comes out so wonderful (most of the time). He marinated the leg of lamb overnight on Saturday, and on Sunday, he roasted it. He also made some mash potatoes and brown gravy and peas. It was really, really good.

Since the lamb had to cook for so long, we went ahead and put in movie #2, which was Eclipse. This movie was more for me, and since I know we normally do not get the opportunity to watch 2 movies in one weekend, I bought me one that I knew he would care less if he saw. And Yes, I know I am behind on watching this movie, but to be honest.... I am so over this Twilight mess. Anyway, we put the movie in and watched over half of it. Then dinner was ready, so we paused it and fixed plates and finished the movie while we ate. By the time we were done eating, the movie was over so we cleaned up the kitchen and played Zelda again. 2 nights back to back is crazy in this household. Really it is! So close to almost beating it! And that is date night number 2.

So you are probably thinking, "Wow, that's it?" Well, yes that is. Our date nights consist of ordering take-out or BBQing and cuddling up on the couch and watching Blu-Ray movies and/or playing the Wii together. The Wii is my games, and I refuse to play with him on PS3 unless it is basketball or Sonic (LOL!). So that is exactly what we did the whole weekend - had two of our famous date nights!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend, too!


  1. that sounds like a really nice weekend!

  2. Aww great fun! Everyone loves date nights!


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