Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Being the Favorite Rocks!

Yep, I am now officially the favorite parent with Mr. Buttons. I must admit I love it. Usually, he goes towards Mr. Man when he is home; however, lately it has been all about his Mommy and I can not and will not complain! 

To start off, every day that I am home (even when Mr. Man is home), he snuggles up to me, sits in my lap, gives me puppy kisses, and just hangs out. At first, I felt weird about the situation because he loves me more for what's inside of my belly - Not for me. Although I let myself believe it's me, because he is my little protector. From the time I have found out I was pregnant, he has been right in my face and on my stomach or lap constantly. He even began taking my side ALL the time when Mr. Man and I wrestle. Use to, he would go back and forth, one day he would defend me and the next day it would be Mr. Man. 

Now that I am growing and him and the baby play tag (which is the cutest thing ever), he is even more all over me. (Quick explanation of tag: Buttons will lay on my stomach and the baby will kick him. He will then get up really fast look at the baby and put his paw right where the baby kicked. Talk about adorable! And this goes on for several minutes at a time sometimes.) He never wants to leave my side ever. Which leads me to what really made me realize how much of a "favorite" I am right now. Mr. Man works swings - 4pm to midnight. I am generally in bed by the time Mr. Man gets home. Our baby boy will generally go to bed with me, but he will be back downstairs waiting for Mr. Man when the time comes. Our boy always has to be the first person Mr. Man gives his attention to when he gets home. It has always been like that. Well, not any more. Lately, Buttons will come to bed with me and stay in bed with me. Even when Mr. Man gets home. After a couple of days with this happening, Mr. Man has decided to be "bummed" about it. He mentioned it to me for the first time night before last, and sure enough last night I stayed up just to see and Buttons never once left my side. Since Buttons knows Mr. Man's movements and noises when coming in at night, he knows it is him and not a stranger. Because trust me, if it was a stranger, Buttons would go nuts. Like I said, he's our little protector. With this said, it makes me feel special. Not for my own selfish reasons, but because I see him becoming attached to this baby in my pouch. It makes me think about the future, and all I can see is them together as best friends. 

Awww, it makes me want to take the baby out just so Buttons can give him/her some cuddles!


  1. haha I know exactly what you mean. Our dog Emma is a Daddys Girl so when she wants me its awesome :)

  2. New reader here, i love your page. Enjoyed reading today!


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