Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was an exciting and very fun morning. The whole day was festive, and the girls seemed to enjoy everything. 

I did a haul on what we were buying the girls for Christmas. It all still stands. But many family members sent the girls money and asked that we buy them something on their behalf. Since I felt like they were getting plenty, I decided to pass some of the gifts we had gotten them to those to claim. As you can see, they didn't go without. Everyone sent way more than we could have ever expected, and we are thankful and appreciative of everyone who thought about the girls during this time.

Here are a few photos!


  1. awe this is adorable! I love when a kids face lights up on Christmas morning. so precious.

  2. Great photos! Very natural. Sometimes I use photoshop actions from some of the photography blogs I follow. I just download it and apply it on my photoshop. It really do wonder in no time! :)


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