Saturday, January 4, 2014

A's School Play

Every year, the Italian school that A attends does a school play. It's a Christmas play, and it is mostly caroling. It takes place the Thursday or Friday before they get out for their break, and it is late in the evening (8pm). This year was of course A's first year, so we were excited to bring her.

Three days before this event, we discovered she had an ear infection. It was causing her to throw up and her cold to relapse. We got her some antibiotics and she was feeling better instantly. Luckily, she was able to attend her play.

She was very excited about the play. She was always eager to practice for it, and she always insisted she stayed at school during the whole practice. When she got sick, I was devastated that she may not get to go and attend the actual event. Thankfully, she was able too.

She really didn't do much singing. Mostly staring and wondering why so many people were in the room watching her. She said, "we didn't practice that part Mommy." She was start struck. The priest for the church also spoke. Of course it was Italian so Mr. Man and I really didn't understand much, if anything. He did talk to her and share some jokes and so on. A replied to him and then laughed. She even clapped when he was done. That was about the most she did for the event.

It was fun and she still talks about it. It was fun to watch the kids interact and place their faces with their parents. It was interesting to see who A enjoyed being around and who she wasn't as interested in.

She starts back school next week. She terribly misses it. Just about every morning, she tells me she is ready for big girl school and ready to see her teachers.She misses them.

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