Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Review: Puddle Jumper Life Jacket

When it was time to prepare for summer, I knew we needed to get some type of life jacket for A. Last summer, we were home in Louisiana and swam a lot. We tried a variety of life vests and A hated every single one. This year I asked around to friends, and many suggested the Puddle Jumper.

The weight range is from 30 to 50 pounds. A was 32 pounds when I bought it and now weighs 34.5 pounds. It is also Coast Guard approved.

This life jacket was and still is an absolute hit with her. She happily puts it on and wears it, even when we are around the house. She loves it that much.

I love the design of it. I love that there is nothing around the neck and nothing between the legs. That is what A disliked about the others. Even the different designs are adorable and stylish. She wore this swimming to swimming pools, beaches, and waterparks. We had no problem with it or getting her to wear it. She played as if she wasn't even wearing anything. It always held her upright. It never tilted her forward or backward. Even with waves and splashes and sudden moments.

We absolutely love this, and we give credit to this product for being the reason A loves the water as much as she does now. It gives her independence and safety. Two things that both a toddler and parent want when looking for an item like this.

It gave her lots of confidence to swim. In fact, she was scared to be in a pool or at the beach. This entire summer (once we received the Puddle Jumper) she wanted to swim by herself, and she let us know!

Here are some pictures of her wearing it:

The Puddle Jumper can be purchased from Walmart, Target, and that I personally know of. We bought her's from our local BX. We will definitely be getting a second one for Baby E next year. No questions asked. 

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