Sunday, September 15, 2013

End of Summer Clear Out

We spent our latest weekend clearing out the house. I used the time to sort through the girls'clothes, gear, and toys. We sorted through every room and are donating so much stuff. With the holidays slowly (or quickly - however you look at it) approaching, we knew we wanted to clear out the old stuff before bringin in some new stuff.

I like to do my shopping early, and I shop throughout the year. I knew it was time to let go of some things and move on. The girls are growing through clothes so fast. A now wears a 2t or 3t. We are handing down most clothes to Baby E, so we went and bought fabric underbed stackable storage containers. Baby E wears a 3-6 month right now, so that means we have 9 months to 2-3t in storage for her. I have a whole tote of shoes as well.

Mr. Man and I also went through our things. There is just so much that we feel is inappropriate since having kids. We donated much of it. Now we are ready to get new stuff that we have real summers and pretty cold winters. With me also working in the schools, I like to wear business attire. I tried on things that I bought after having A that I never fit into and VOILA! I can fit into it! :)

We feel like we are always clearing out and rearranging as the girls grow. It seems like it happens over night. Many times it saddens me to see how big they are getting and the new things that interest them. But clearning out is always necessary.

I am hoping to do a fall haul soon once I gather all their items and start washing them!

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  1. I feel that way too. I have sooooo much stuff that family and friends gave me and now I am in the process of "keep, toss, donate/sell." I even went as far as to got through the older sizes now that I realize what I like and don't like for him. Its an ongoing process for sure. As he moves up in a size I have been sorting and packing away the old one. I started putting them in space saver bags and labeling them.

    I should go through my clothing and narrow it down more than I have. I definitely do it every time we unpack from a move but I totally have more clothes than I ever need. Part of my problem is that when I was teaching I had sooooo much clothing. Then when I moved I couldn't find a job so the clothes just sat. Hubby finally convinced to narrow it down. He was right I needed to but I couldn't bring myself to get rid of things that still had tags on them. One day hopefully there will be a need for me to wear them.


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