Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Cater's Haul

I have  been shopping for Baby E since the weather has started to cool down. She really doesn't need much, but I definitely wanted to start preparing for the winter as well. Because she will need a lot when it comes if I don't start now. Carter's happens to have some sets on clearance right now, and they had doorbusters for their one pieces. Of course, I shopped the toddler side for Arianna because there was some things I wanted to get for her but couldn't convince myself to spend that kind of money on it since she is so rough on her clothes. Well, guess what... it was on clearance too. I thought I would share what I purchased.

For E:

For A:

I spent $65, and that included shipping :) Not too bad I would say.

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  1. ok i have fallen in love with carters. They have the cutest stuff and really there are sales so often I feel like i should never be paying full price for anything! super cute stuff.


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