Monday, July 1, 2013

Favorite Books: 2 years old

I did a 19 month list of A's favorite books, so I thought it was time to do another one. I think it will be fun to see which books E is into at these ages compared to A. They are already two completely different little girls, and E is only 4 months old.

On to the book list. A has a lot of books, as previously stated. She seems to enjoy all of them, but different months I can tell she enjoys some more than others. Lately, here is what she has been reaching for:

1. Peek-A-Who by Nina Laden 
2. Georgie Porgie
3. The Tooth Book by Theo Lesieg, Dr. Seuss, and Joe Mathieu
4. The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister
5. Colors by Justine Smith, Jill Ackerman, and Fiona Land

All links to the books on Amazon. I could not find Georgie Porgie, but it is a book from England and gifted from a friend.

What are your children reading these days?


  1. Thanks for the recommendation {my daughter is 20 months}...I always love checking out new books.

  2. Georgie Porgie I believe that is the one about the mouse?

    The teacher in me is going crazy getting books for this baby. I just hope that I can find the best of the best that he will like so We don't have a huge library for him.

    1. Yes, it is about the mouse!

      I am the same way about "the teacher in me" - haha. I buy her so many books, and I make sure they are good quality. I really like Barefoot Books and Usborne. Scholastic, too of course. ALl of these are found in the book fairs at the schools. I love them, and A seems to love them just as much. I haven't found a Barefoot Book that she doesn't like. Usborne can be hit or miss, but they have a better variety.


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