Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Toy Storage Solution

I need a toy storage solution and lots of organization advice and tips! Would you please share? Pictures would be nice, too (but not necessary)! Just link any pictures in the comments. I need a solution for toys, baby dolls/stuffed animals, and books. Baby A already has so much stuff!!!


  1. look at the sunny side up blog, she has tons of toy storage ideas. I think it's

  2. The best thing I found for storage (and books) was the 9 cube storage shelf sold at Target. The shelves are perfect for books and then I have different cloth baskets that go in the cubbies and hold all the toys. The little baskets are super easy for the kids to get into but look good!

  3. If you aren't already, join pinterest! That is where ALL my organizing ideas come from :)


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