Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Germany: Cologne

We are back from our trip. We got back on Sunday. It was late. We were all exhausted, and I have been spending the days trying to catch up with the clothes and get back into a daily routine of cooking and such. Baby A transitioned very well and did a great job during the trip. She always impresses me with her flexibility in her schedule. I love that she is so laid back and helps make travelling that much more enjoyable. I thought I would share some pictures from each of our stops as I upload them to my other accounts for the family to see. I will try not to overload!

Our first stop was Cologne. We stayed for a couple of days and it was extremely nice. We enjoyed the atmosphere and scenery, for sure!

The first night we got there we decided to check in our room and just go out at night to take pictures. We knew the cathedral was such a pretty place at night and it would be worth it. We did not know that the train bridge would be all lit up and so beautiful. We ended up walking across the bridge to get some great shots of the city. 

This is also the first night with the two cathedrals and a small castle, which are located in the main city right outside the train station. Which we took trains our whole trip instead of fighting flights with a baby! 

This is the second day we were there. This is inside the Gothic style cathedral. 

Of course Mr. Man would not do without climbing up the towers of the churches. This one is in the Gothic style cathedral. It has 7 bells and this one is the largest of the two. I think his name is "Fat Peter" or something like that. 

The second day it rained, of course. This is the Gothic style cathedral right out of the train station. 

This was across from an art museum that we walked passed. It was random, but it is cute. Must be Pinnochio?

We went to the "Old Town" part of Cologne. It is all coble stone roads and skinny, tall houses/buildings. These were colorful with random numbers of them (which have some meaning that I need to look up), so I snapped a picture.

This statue was in a park as a remembrance monument for the war. 

"I want to be a cowboy baby....." Ok, only kidding because I doubt it is a cowboy. But again it was randomly in a park that we walked through. 

I just snapped this picture because of the words on the signs. I like to see the differences between different countries, their languages, and road/street signs.

This was in the second church which was a bit more traditional. 

It was gorgeous and huge. And Christmas in January!!! How nice!

I have never seen windows like this. During our trip in Italy, every window told a story. I'm sure this window does, too. But the artistic ability shines through in a different way. 

Of course, Mr. Man snuggled Baby A throughout this day. He loves wearing her. She is in the Ergo! A baby must-have for this family!

This was inside the more traditional church. We are still on the second day in Cologne. 

Another picture of the windows in the church. The windows were so much more different them in Italy, which really caught my attention. 

Mr. Man thinks Baby A is big enough to be carried on the shoulders. This Mommy disagrees. 

Next stop - Berlin!

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