Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sesame Street

On Thursday evening, I took Baby A to see Sesame Street Live. It was the USO Tour one, and we had a lot of fun. Even though she is so small, she still enjoyed herself. She loves music (thanks to her Daddy) and she loves when I move her body like she is dancing. Baby A had fallen asleep on the ride over, so she was sleeping when we arrived. There was already a line to get in to the show, so I decided to sit in the car with her until the line settled down. After they opened the doors, the line went fast. When I pulled her out of her carseat, she immediately woke up. SHE WAS READY! We went in and found seats. I fed her while we waited for the show to start just so I wouldn't have to worry about that later. She was really attentive and curious about everything and everyone around us. I really thought the noise would bother her, but she surprised me. When the characters came out and the music started, Baby A just started glowing. It was so adorable. She was trying to grab the chair in front of us to stand herself up on, but I just held her because I didn't want any larger kids tumbling over her. I made her "dance" when the music started up and after every song most people cheered and clapped. Every time a new character came on stage, people would cheer and clap. Well I cheer and clap whenever she does something that amazes me or things that I want to encourage her to do, like rolling, sitting, standing, talking, etc. When I do it at home, she always sticks her tongue out and starts laughing. So there was a lot of funny faces and laughing coming from her throughout the show. The show definitely wore her out because she passed out on the way home and went straight to bed when we did make it home. It was such a fun adventure, and it brought back a lot of memories for me growing up. Even Mr. Man said his Mom took him to those shows, so I thought it was a great idea to do the same for her.

She got to wear her Sesame Street shirt that her Granny bought her a few months ago that finally fit her, and I did take a few pictures of her in it. I will post them once I bring my camera downstairs. 

I know, I know. I'm horrible about the picture posting business..... 

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