Monday, September 12, 2011

Mr. Man's Memory of 9/11

  • I wanted to post this memory of my husband's day of 9/11. It is very similar to mine since we attended the same school and watched the same TV of this happening. The only addition I would add would be that it was also picture day at school for the yearbook. My sister had always loved New York and wanted to travel there. She wore a black shirt with "I Love New York" on it with a picture of an overview of the city. The twin towers stood out with glitter. I will never forget that.

    Mr. Man posted this on Facebook yesterday, so I thought I would document it here so we could some day show it to our children. It is something I definitely would love for them to learn and see for themselves. They will never be impacted by it the same we were, but they definitely should know and understand this is the reason their "Daddy" does what he does. 

    I was 14 years old, a Freshman at Hackberry High School, and in Melanie Little's science class. It was in Barbara Guidry's old room in the high school section because Mel's lab wasn't finished just yet. I remember looking out of the window of the door and seeing teachers running up and down the hall way with a kinda urgent look on their faces, but we didnt really pay any attention to it. About a minute or so later Jeanne Sanders LaFleur and a few others poked their heads in and pulled Melanie out. We sat there for a few minutes BSing because at this time we didn't we really didn't have a clue what was going on. Mel came back in and told us to grab our things that we were going to Mary Baker's room to watch the TV. She said something was going on in NYC, but they weren't sure what it was yet.

    At this point we were walking to the room with all of the other high school students. Blake Murphy was walking along side me and was saying how people were jumping out of the windows and what not. I didn't believe him and jokingly said "I won't believe this until I see it!" He turned and looked at me with a pretty serious look on his face and said, "It's not a joke man! This is serious! Lots of people are dying!" I found out just how serious it was within the first 5 minutes of watching what was going on! For the next few days we all stayed glued to the TV sets during school hours. The reality of what had happened was starting to set in and like most people I was filled with disbelief and so many emotions ( mostly sadness and anger) that it was hard to do anything other than think about that day!

    This day was one filled with images that will forever be burnt into my memory. Seeing the destruction, death,pain, suffering, & heartache of the people there and around America is something that I will live with for the rest of my life. I still have a hard time not tearing and choking up every time I think about it. This was the day I decided to join the military. I wasn't sure what branch or what I would do, but I knew I was going to do something about this.

  •  Now I am here, ten years later... My thoughts and prayers are always with the families that lost love ones on that tragic day, and I am always praying for my Brothers and Sisters in Arms safe return home! I can't wait for the time that the Unites States goes back to peace time, but until that day comes I will always stand ready to do my job and execute orders at a moments notice!

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