Friday, September 2, 2011

Blogger and its changes.

Recently Blogger made some new changes, and ever since then my site has not been working properly. I can never sign on to write a post, and I can not even go through the new functions. Sometimes it would not even let me sign in. Blogger and its issues make blog life so complicated!

Anywho, I have been extremely busy. I started new classes this week, and of course, they are super demanding. I had two major papers due this week, and I spent majority of my free time working on them. Thankfully, Baby A is such an easy going baby. I could not imagine how life would be if she was super demanding and needy.

Now we are in the month of September. I can not believe that it is September already. The last few months have flown by so quick. I mean super quick. So quick, that I feel like Mr. Man just left yesterday. I am thankful and appreciative that this is not the case, but holy cow... time flies!

I am super thankful that time has flown by. Recently I have been reflecting on the last few months and wanting to write a post on a recap on the things that we have done and accomplished, but of course Blogger doesn't want to listen to me ramble.... so it hasn't happened. But maybe it will before Mr. Man gets back. Who knows...

Next, is Baby A is doing so great. She is sitting up for several seconds, but she gets so excited and throws herself. She's so funny. She's such a bubbly and happy little girl. She melts my heart. She makes me super proud! She has been teething, but it has not been that bad. We had 2 nights that were rough, but now she seems to be use to it and adjusting just fine. She is now starting to reach out for things I am holding and for things she wants. It was like it happened over night. She also watches me very closely when I eat and drink. She even opens her mouth when I open mine to feed myself. It's so cute! We will be starting solids after Mr. Man gets home and after she turns 6 months. She has another weight check appointment in a couple of weeks, then her 6 month checkup. That's about it... More to come whenever I can gather my thoughts and write proper posts. If there is even a such thing anymore with the way my schedule has changed.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Labor Day weekend!

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