Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SLACKER! and Updates

I am such a slacker. Not really a slacker by any means, and I have to say I am proud of myself. Things have been so busy with everything going on that I do not have time to think much less throw myself out to the world. One of my 101 things to do in 101 days was to tell someone that I couldn't help them or do something for them whenever I already have plans. I have been doing it a lot lately, and I am so relieved. I still have been doing a lot, don't get me wrong. But I definitely stopped some nonsense that was taking place, and I am on the verge of stopping another one due to certain circumstances. Sadly, they will only be replaced with other responsibilities, but at least they will be more spread out and a variety of things versus the same stuff.

With that sad, my new 'to-do' is observing in the schools and volunteering at the different schools. I think I am going to very much enjoy it. I have been wanting to do this, but I was afraid if I did it too early, it would put a kink in things, which is why I waited. And I am so glad I think because that instinct was very much so correct. Soon I will be walking the school's halls again. Not the school I attended, but something other than my current classes. I am pretty excited and anxious about it.

Another thing is I have decided to spread my wings throughout the community instead of within certain areas. I did that a lot because those areas needed me really bad, but it looks like they are on their feet and going solid and I need a change. So it works out. I am excited to do that, too. I am happy that I made this decision while I still had quite a bit of time left here in the UK. I can get out and do some things, even with Mr. Man and enjoy this country while doing it.

The next 'to-do' that has been a 'to-do' for several weeks now is the baby! Of course. We finally finished the house 100%. The baby room is set up the way I want it, and now we are slowly just accumulating things that we will need. Neither one of us are in a rush to get everything, but we are both planners in the sense of not waiting last minute and making sure we have what we need before it is too late. It's been a nice adventure, and I am sure it will continue to be.

School is going really good. I am officially a Junior on papers. I was a Junior as far as credits go, but since I extended to get my break during the Christmas/New Years Holiday it is just now getting to paper. That is pretty darn exciting. I am taking my last Math class right now, which is also extremely exciting! From here, it will strictly be in the schools, volunteering, creating a portfolio, and nothing but Education classes. I am excited, super excited. I am super pumped!

Mr. Man is finally on regular shifts again, which is so nice. We started going to the gym together again, which I love. Even though it uses more gas since I have to drive to another gym that has showers and high enough weights for Mr. Man, I enjoy being with him more often and having that motivation. Mr. Man also has changed is workout for his goals for the winter time, so on his off days he told me he would start doing yoga with me right here at home. Pregnancy-approved yoga at that! He's pretty amazing if you ask me. Maybe I can sneak a video camera on day to later on show our child... haha. That would be priceless!

So I have been wanting to do a giveaway and I have been tossing it up between two options, so I will throw them out there and ya'll can take a vote. CSN has contacted me to do another giveaway, which I want to do. They have been sending me amazing discounts and products, and I have been wanting to share those with you all. If you are interested in that, let me know. The other one is themed around the UK. The things that I love here that are made here. I wanted to do this a while back when I reached the 200 readers, but things got crazy so I had decided to put it off. Now things are slowing down, and I am offering it. So which one? I can't decide, so you tell me what you think?

Have you thought about it? Came to a decision? Please let me know by leaving a comment so I can count your vote!

For now, it's time to get to doing some housework and cuddling up with my baby boy.


  1. Oh man it sounds like things are definitely busy but way to go on all your goals and stuff with school! That's awesome :)

    I would vote for a CSN giveaway!

  2. I think a UK themed giveaway is a GREAT idea. Anyone can log onto CSN and order from there, but to get a UK themed item is much more difficult. I'm glad to hear so many things are going well. I keep thinking about you and the baby and am so glad to hear that you're nursery us pretty much complete!


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