Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Friends will be friends til the end!

So tonight was my final goodbye to two my dearest friends that I have made while here in the UK. We went out to dinner and just acted fools... talked about crazy girl things and celebrated the last week of being together. It was slightly depressing. Not too depressing, just slightly. I am so bummed that they will not be here when the baby is born or when I am nice and "plump."

But that's what it's about when you are a military spouse. You find friends, you leave friends or they leave you. But the good thing is that bond last forever because military friends are true supporters. I mean that is their job. So you have the satisfication of knowing that you will be friends until the end.

One of my friends, which has been my good friend since I have been here is also from Louisiana. Well, her husband is from Louisiana and she is from Mississippi. They got orders to Barksdale, LA! I am sooo stoked about it because that is where I am from and I know I will see them again. I am going to miss their kids so so much. Mr. Man and I really wanted to get one more outing with them before they headed out, but things have been so busy. It makes me sad, and Mr. Man may not be able to see them one last time, but we still have Facebook. Giggle. The infamous Facebook.

My other friend is going to Virginia. They are actually retiring and getting out, and that is where they chose to go. I have no desire to go to Virginia, but I would love for our to meet our bundle of joy once he/she gets here. There is the unknown... but once again, thanks to Facebook!

Saying goodbye is always so hard, especially when you make them family, but there is always more to look forward to. And we have lots of memories to cherish forever.

So until next time dear friends, I wish you the best and God Bless!

And yes, there will be a next time!

On another note, we leave for Ireland in 1 day! Yahooo!!!!!


  1. Just blogging around this morning and found your blog. My husband is 20 year retired Military, and my son fought on the front lines of the first Gulf War in the Army, so I guess the military is all I ever knew. You have done a great job with your page and I hope you will be happy in your next home. Thank you for letting me visit.


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