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Guest Post- Top 5 Unique Christmas Gifts

5 Unique Gifts for Children at Christmas

Come closer, huddle round, as what I am about to say needs to whispered... Utter it very quietly as its magic will spread amongst others like a fever, Christmas is coming and I am excited. That time of year is nearly upon us and we will soon be thinking of white snow, carols and most importantly gifts for our loved ones. We all know part of the excitement is seeing how your partner, friend, family or children react to opening your present so you always want to make sure you get them something that extra bit special. 
To save you being stuck for ideas we have tried to discover 5 of the most unusual, quirky and unique gifts for children this Christmas.

  1. Wheelie Zip Bin
Christmas is time for children to play and have fun and the Wheelie Zip Bin is one way of guaranteeing this. Imagine a box full of tricks and that is lterally what it is! The bin is designed to look like a tyre and at the flick of its zipper it unfurls into a two lane vinyl and fabric racetrack with two pit areas at each end. Children can set it up on the floor or sofa and even on the backseat of a car which is perfect for entertaining the kids on long journeys.  Ingenious and imaginative, the track includes two metal race cars and slots for storing 12 standard Matchbox cars from your collection. Children will love making ramps out of household items for their cars to zoom down on and hours of fun for any child.

  1. Character Themed Childrens Rugs
Every child has a cartoon favourite. We can all still remember who our favourite used to be and can still picture how we pretended to be them when we played. For those of us with children now, one of the most rewarding ways of improving their enjoyment around the house is to decorate their room with colours and cartoon characters they like. Now they can have a cartoon themed childrens rug in their room, directly beside their bed! Children can choose from Disney character rugs, football shaped rugs to Winnie the Pooh rugs and other stars.  Childrens rugs can also be used as an excellent play space for younger children.

3.       Personalised Childrens Books
Your child will love starring in their very own book. They can now be the hero or heroine in a wonderful personalised book. You can use your child’s name, age, home town, the first-names of three friends or relatives, and a personal dedication from you, and then the personalised story can begin. You get to select the type of stories your child will be involved in, ranging from an adventure to them scoring the winning goal in the Cup Final.  You can add the final touches to your story by providing details of hair & eye colour, skin tone & adding a personal message!

4.       Vtech Movie Magic Digicam
For all those Steven Spielberg wannabes out there! Lights! Camera! Action! This small handheld portable digicam is designed specifically for children. Durable and colourful it encourages children to become a movie director and shoot their very own home movies. We know how quickly children can get bored of toys during the festive period which is why the digicam has a range of features that will amuse the children. It has the option of adding special effects to your movies by changing the scenes, adding clip art and fun face-tracking animations. You can also insert fun borders and stamps to jazz up your photos so expect to see yourself in funny surroundings!

5.       Personalised Bunting
If you like home made boutique gifts then a personalised bunting set for your daughter is the perfect gift. The gorgeous bunting is made from a choice of beautiful fabrics and will be the envy of your daughter’s friends when it hangs on her bedroom wall. The bunting can be personalised with any name, date or message of your choice stitched on and finished with a choice of appliqu├ęd design either end. You can even choose the colour scheme and pattern to go with the current bedroom interior of your child.

This article was written by Sam Murray in association with The Rug House

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  1. Fun ideas! We have so many nieces & nephew to buy form, I'm always on the lookout for cute things to get. :)


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