Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Questions: (About the pregnancy)

The last guest blog post I forgot to post a link to her blog, and I am just now getting up to date with doing that! So I edited that post to add her link, and I will add it here. If you missed out on that post, be sure to check it out. She is amazing, and so is her story. Her link is http://thediaryofamrs.blogspot.com/

Now I am finally making a post. Since nothing has been going on since Mr. Man is still on this crazy shift, I decided I would answer some questions that we have been being asked a lot. 

Before I do that, I will kind of update on our life right now. I am currently 18 weeks pregnant. I am behind on Pregnancy belly photos, I know! And I will get those up by the end of this week, promise. I have not gained any weight since my last doctor's appointment, which was 2 weeks ago. We will have our next appointment in 3 weeks. That is that with the pregnancy. No sickness, no cravings, nothing exciting to report. Tonight is Mr. Man's last night of his crazy shifts, and we should get back to a normal schedule from now on. Thanks goodness! That is about it that is going on with us. I am so ready to get back to normal, start on the baby's room, and go sightseeing some more!

Now for the questions:

The first one I want to address is about the blog and comments. People have been asking me why their comments are not being published. Sadly, it is a long story, but the one's that I feel appropriate to publish are being published. The others I reply personally so they know I received the comment. The situation sucks, but there is nothing I can do about it at this time until things settle down. I hope you understand! 

Most frequently asked questions: 
1. Will you set up a PO Box for gifts to be sent? Do you have a registry?
Since I live overseas, I am only allowed one PO Box for my mail, which is my main mailing address. We are not allowed more than one, so I could not open a second one. Obviously, I will not publicly share my mailing address for security reasons either. I do have a registry, multiple ones actually, and I have been giving the details out to friends and family that have specifically mentioned they wanted to get us something. I wish there was a way around this where you all that have offered to send gifts could, but sadly there is no way for it to happen. If you do know a way, let me know and I will look in to it. We do greatly appreciate all of you who have offered to send us things. It was an honor to read all the requests. Thank ya'll! 

2. Do you have names picked out yet?
This was actually asked to me about a month ago. Ok, so it felt like a month ago, but maybe not that long... ? Not sure. Anyway, we do have names picked out. We have for a while; however, we are not sharing them any time soon. We will tell close friends and families that want to make special items for us, but that is it. We want it to all be a surprise. 

3. When do we find out what we are having?
Another one of those things that we are not sharing any time soon. I would love to share it with you all, but now we have family and friends that read this blog, so we have to keep things on the hush hush for now. The time will come soon enough!

4. Will you breastfeed or bottle feed?
This is probably the most commonly asked question. Probably because it is the most controversial topic when it comes to parenting. For me, I will try to breastfeed, but I am also preparing to bottle feed. Which means, I will have everything need to breastfeed, as well as things needed to bottle feed in case something comes up. Not to mention, when people say bottle feed, they mean formula feed. But I do plan on pumping, so Mr. Man can help with middle of the nights and such. It may be a while after we are into somewhat of a rhythm, but I definitely want that option there. 

5. Will we co-sleep?
This is another one of those things that people who are due after me have started asking me my opinion on it. To be honest, we do not plan to co-sleep. Now if it happens, it happens. If it works for us, it works for us. I do not plan on even having the baby in my room for longer than a month. We will see what happens. My biggest concern with co-sleeping is that I am afraid of rolling on the baby or suffocating the baby with pillows or blankets. Mr. Man agrees, and neither one of us can see another 'thing' in our bed with us between us, 6 pillows, 1 body pillow, and our pup. Just will not work.

I have gotten some questions about travelling, the military, and our lifestyle, so I will do that question post next. 

I hope everyone is doing well, and thanks for hanging with me through all of this!


  1. I always swore we would never co-sleep but Lucy has never slept in her crib/toddler bed. After actually researching it and experiencing it that was just what we felt was best for our family. But everyone is different! And sometimes its hard to tell until the baby actually arrives. I said I'd "never" do a lot of things that I now do :P

    I don't blame you for keeping the names a secret! We told people right away what names we were thinking about and completely regretted it for like 20 reasons.

    Good luck to you guys! Babies are so incredible. You will fall head over heals in love again.

  2. I didn't like the idea of having my baby in my bed, then again, I wanted them close. I wasn't a fan of the co-sleepers that go between parents so I did some research and found the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper. It's a little bed (similar to a pack-n-play) that you can brace to the side of your bed. It is slightly lower so you cannot roll onto the baby or have the baby roll in your bed. I loved that I could just reach over and grab the baby for night feedings and easily place it back in its own bed without actually having to get up.

    Both my kids grew out of it around 6 months old.


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