Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Massage & Facial

On Monday, March 1st, I had a massage and facial at a local spa. Well, it is not a spa. It is actually a private little annex attached to her home. It was a perfect and cozy little area to get a massage.

The massage was absolutely fantastic. This is the first person that has actually been able to make me relax through a whole massage. She was well educated on her job, so she gave me some advice to help with some spots in my body that need strengthening and/or changes. She found a ton of knots in my lower back, which has always been my weak spot. She said that is the reason why my back arches. As time goes on and there is a buildup, it applies pressure which causes me the back pain and arch in my back. She suggested me do more core workouts/yoga and to stop myself from crossing my legs when I sit down. She also found some knots in my shoulders, which begin to form in my should blades and move up to the tips of my shoulder. She said it is the same thing. The way to fix this is to bring things that I am reading up to eye level instead of me looking down. She also said that if I keep my emotions in and/or bite my tongue when I have something to say then it all goes to my shoulders. Which is called STRESS! So I am going to work to try to only keep positive energy flowing through my body to help reduce this. She worked all of the knots out and of course I had to drink plenty of water to flush it all out. I really enjoyed the massage, and I definitely recommend her!

The facial followed the massage and it was even better. It was a clay facial with clay that comes from the ground with nothing added to it. All the products she used was organic! She did like 3 or 4 different layers of things to bring out any oiliness and to help reduce my scares on my face from when I was younger. It was so soft and smooth! I loved every moment of it, and even fell asleep during it. I will definitely go back and have that done as well.

And I loved doing it all at once because it set me in the perfect mood. I came home, which by the way was only a 3 minute drive, and laid right on the couch to enjoy my mood. I had planned for that day to be a laid back day so I could enjoy the relaxation that the massage and facial brought. No gym, no major school work. Just me, Buttons, and relaxation! Perfect day! I laid on the couch, turned on the TV and within minutes I was asleep with Buttons asleep right on top of me curled up in my neck. I laid there for about 3 hours and then finally got up to do some minor cleaning and email Wiley. After I got my things done, I was back to relaxing! I laid on the couch and read a book until it was late and I was ready for a shower.

This day was one of the best days since Wiley has been gone because I have been so busy that I have no time to take for myself. This day was taken out of my life/ our life/ your life/ their life just so I could enjoy myself and take some time to refresh my mind, body, and soul!

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