Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Now that I am about to take finals and will have more free time on my hands when the next set of classes roll around, I decided to take on some lessons of some sort. I couldn't decide what I wanted to learn. I just knew I wanted it to be fun and exciting and last a long time. Well, I have always said that I would learn how to crochet before I had kids. I have seen so many pictures of me and my sister with the cutest little outfits with crocheted booties and hats. I remember as a child having a blanket that I loved that was one that my Memaw made for me, so I was talking to Wiley about my free time and mentioned finally sitting down and doing this. This just fell right in my lap because as I was hunting for someone to teach me, I find out that one of my good friends here knows how to do it. Then a couple of days later as I was talking to another friend, she told me to ask this friend about it. So I did, and she was so excited to get started and teach me. Now I am working on a scarf, which is my beginner piece, but I am so excited about it. I do actually get frustrated with it, but then once I get it finished I get so excited and feel like I have accomplished so much. My goal is to be able to make multiple things focuses around children, and some things for myself. This is all for fun and play, though. Today was my first take home and finish type lesson, and I did it! I was so proud of myself! I can't wait to get farther into it and get even better at it.

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