Sunday, February 28, 2010

Memory to document

Last night was definitely a memory to document, so I can go back and look at it for the rest of my life. I have the most amazing of friends here. Friends that respect me as a military spouse no matter my age or look. England has been such an amazing place for me to get out of my shell and experience the world. So many people have been here for me and consider me to be one of their best of friends despite my age, which is fantastic for me. I have always had trouble with people being ok with my age, but when people take the time to get to know the real me, they realize that I am who I am... and it all seems to change from there.

So last night was Angie Morris's birthday. To celebrate she had a party at her house since her husband was away. All of us girls got together and had margaritas, Filipino, and played the Wii. Boy was it an awesome time. Somehow some of us managed to take shots of Tequila... and holy smoly.. Just because I am 21 does NOT mean I can hang.. or am use to doing any of that. At least I didn't get sick, right?! My game, "Just Dance", was a hit. Everyone loved it including the kids. We all brought our pajamas to her house and changed into them and hit the dance floor. It was an amazing time, with cameras going off and Molly (Angie's dog) drinking our margarita's! HAHA! We also played American Idol on the Wii. I never got the opportunity to join in on that fun, but I was 100% ok with that! It takes a lot to get me to sing in front of people. Filipino did the catering and it was sooo good! Brenda Anthony made the birthday cake, and it was fantastic. Chocolate with pecan, roasted coconut frosting, and chocolate covered cherries on top! Our gift to her was the goofy picture of us girls at the MUNS Christmas Party goofing off in a frame, of course. And the other gift was a huge sign about friendships and families for her house. It was something she has been asking for, so we pitched in to get it for her. So... YAY for an awesome time!

I am so not ready for Morris to PCS! Not at all!

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