Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Week Down

This time I will take the time to write a little more about Wiley and what has been going on. Wiley made it to Afghanistan a few days after leaving here and said that the trip was fine. I had packed him 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, a couple of meat sandwiches, and a few other little snacks. My little heffer stays hungry and with the long flight, he wanted to be prepared. Needless to say those sandwiches and snacks not only fed him but also a few others he traveled with. I was happy to know the food didn't get wasted and it helped others.

After he made it to his destination, he found out he would be working nights. So he works 6pm to 6am his time. He is 12 hours ahead of home and 4.5 hours ahead of me. He enjoys being on that shift, but he only gets to see a couple hours of daylight there. He has been working nonstop since he got there, but he claims he wouldn't have it any other way. He says from time to time it gets frustrating to see other shops watching TV, playing video games, or slingshooting fruit (Yes! I did just say that) at each other, but staying busy makes the time go by faster. He has mentioned a few times where he almost missed his bus ride "home" because he went into work, started working, and time went by so fast that he someone had to tell him he was about to get left.

All in all and from what I understand, things are going well for him. He's working out still and has put on some muscle mass. He is weighing in at 171 pounds right now and plans to cut after he hits 175. He has been working out with another bodybuilder, and he loves it. I am happy for him because here he couldn't break 160 no matter how hard he tried or how much he ate. He truly is doing it big, or like I call it "Batista Style."

School is going good for him so far. He is going on his third week and says he is doing good. The only problem I have with this is that he is constantly emailing me asking me to revise his posts and papers. I must say he is getting better with his spelling, grammar, and punctuation, but I have my own gazillion amount of papers to write. Good thing, though, he is making good grades, so I can always throw that in his face :) I will always know that I contributed to his degree and GPA!

Other than that, nothing more is going on. He works, eats, workout, and sleeps.. And somehow manages to fit school work into the mix of things.

Funny story: Wiley carries a gun there. I guess it is tradition to name your gyn. He named his "Cajun Bombshell" after me! We have a story behind some of the random names that I have picked up along the way of our adventures of life. He told me his gun is an older model and looks like it would have been used in WWII. He told me to be sure to send the picture of it to his Dad. Well when he sent me the picture of it, I noticed there was a sticker on it of a red headed pin up girl. I guess all the guys put something on their guns to tell them apart. I must admit that the girl was cute, but I did not find that it resembled me like he claimed, especially since I now have blonde hair. Wiley precedes to tell me that (LOL!!!) the red haired me looks more intimidating and fiesty. All I could do was laugh because it seems that everytime we change hair colors, he always goes back to my red. He loves the red and only wants the blonde temporarily when he wants to see sweet and innocent me. Of course, I am always sweet and innocent no matter the hair color, but it is the perceived thoughts from outsiders that he uses to determine that. He is goofy, and that is exactly one of the many reasons that I love him. I have included the picture of "Cajun Bombshell."

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