Saturday, November 5, 2011

Skip the Gym! (Guest Blogger)

While I am away on vacation, I will have some guest bloggers posting for all my readers. I hope you enjoy, and I may just pop in for some updates and pictures while in Scotland! 

Skip the Gym! - Fitness tips for Work at Home Moms Using Things You Already Have in Your House

Being a work at home mom certainly has it’s benefits – more flexible schedule, more direct oversight of the running of you house, more time with your kids etc. However, juggling working at home and being an all-in-all cook/mommy/driver/home-manager/clean-up-patrol-woman leaves little time for “extras” such as going to the gym (or even just washing your hair!)

However, keeping fit is vital if you want to stay healthy and be able to stay on top of things. So how can you do this without taking away from your other important to-dos for the day?

One of the most practical ways to get in some exercise everyday is just to do little spurts of physical activity throughout your day. You can do this pretty easily, and it will keep you energized the whole day. Here are a few quick moves you can do when you have a few minutes, or even when you don’t have a few minutes to spare.
  1. Baby Squats

Squats are like the exercise of all exercises. They work your entire leg and your glutes and even help to strengthen your back and your core muscles. What’s great about these is that you can do them anywhere and you don’t need any special equipment. When my daughter was young, she would wake up from her naps crying until she was held for about 15 minutes. I utilized this time to do a few squats and the added twelve pounds of the baby helped make the exercise even more challenging. However, if you do this, please make sure that you have good balance. If you need to hold on to something like a chair, a baby sling can help keep your baby nice and snuggly while she enjoys the up-down motion.
2. Sitting “Wiggly-Worms”

If you have kids you are probably accustomed to the “Gotta-go” dance; this is the one they do when they “Gotta go!” but are too preoccupied to run to the toilet. Well, as odd as it might sound, I discovered that doing my daughter’s patented “Wiggly-worm” dance while sitting at my computer not only keeps my voyeuristic neighbors entertained (Note: Probably a good idea to close your blinds…) but it also helps keep my midsection looking not so pudgy. You can do your own version of the wiggly-worm; just use those abs to rock and sway away like you’ve just drunk a liter of coffee and there are no bathrooms in the entire world.

3. Wall Squats

These work well if your desk is located where there is a wall behind you. I have a “dining room office” myself, as this allows me to keep a close eye on everything that’s going on in my house, and since the room is small, the table is only two feet away from the wall on one side. Whenever I’m feeling like it, (i.e. when my bum is numb from sitting too long) I ditch my chair and “sit” with my back up against the wall. I can only do this for a minute or two, and the first time I tried it, I could only hold the position for a few seconds. This exercise really tones your thighs and leaves your quads feeling shaky after a minute.

These little bits of exercise can help you stay fit no matter how busy you are. Once you incorporate them into your daily routine, it will be easier to fit them in here and there and you may even find that with the extra energy keeping fit will give you, you will have more time to do the other things you need to do in your day, as well.

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