Monday, November 14, 2011

Guest Blogger: The Secret to a Budget-Friendly Family Vacation

While I am away on vacation, I will have some guest bloggers posting for all my readers. I hope you enjoy, and I may just pop in for some updates and pictures while in Scotland! 

The Secret to a Budget-Friendly Family Vacation
A family vacation is a wonderful thing. It’s a chance for bonding, a way to create life-long memories, and it’s just plain fun! But in this day and age, it’s also an expensive proposition. Unless you know the secret.
The secret to a fun budget-friendly family vacation is renting a timeshare. Many people aren’t aware that when timeshare owners can’t use their weeks, they list them for rent.  This gives families who are looking for vacation accommodations a great deal. You‘ll be able to take the family to a luxury resort that you might otherwise not have been able to afford.
A timeshare rental gives you:
1. Affordable Accommodations. Most timeshare rentals are up to 50% less than the cost of a hotel room.
2. Space. A timeshare rental gives you much more space than one cramped hotel room. You get separate bedrooms, a living area, a dining area, and a patio or balcony. It’s a real home-away-from-home where the entire family can truly relax.
3. Kitchen. Your timeshare rental will come with a full-sized, fully-equipped kitchen for further cost-savings – no more need for the budget-busting  expense of taking the family out to eat three times a day. And even though cooking on your vacation might not have great appeal, you have to admit that $50 worth of groceries goes much further than $50 at a restaurant.
Having a kitchen is also very convenient. The family can eat breakfast in their pajamas; easy to fix snacks during the day for those constantly hungry kids; stock your own popcorn and ice cream for at-home movie night.
4. Washer and Dryer. Pack light and save on those escalating airline check-baggage fees – most timeshare rentals come with their own washer and dryer!
5. Amenities. A timeshare rental that is attached to a resort will also include many of the resort’s amenities in the rental price. These can be multiple swimming pools, often with waterpark features, hot tubs, kiddie pools and children’s playgrounds, arcade game rooms for your teens, and even lighted tennis courts. Depending on the specific resort, additional on-sight activities can also include such things as arts and crafts, volleyball tournaments, miniature golf, ice cream socials, or even a karaoke sing-along.
Just to give you an idea about the cost-savings of">timeshare rentals, here are a few examples:
·         Sheridan Vistana Resort – in Orlando, just a mile from Walt Disney World – timeshare rentals start at $56/night
·         The Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas on Maui – timeshare rentals start at just $63/night
·         Hyatt Beach House Resort, Key West, FL – timeshare rentals are starting at just $25/night.
·         Wyndham Old Town Alexandria, Washington, D.C. – Take the kids to see our Nation’s Capital for just $68/night.
Compare these and other timeshare rental prices to what you would be paying at the same destination for a hotel or even a motel.
You almost can’t afford not to take your family on a budget-friendly timeshare rental vacation! Happy Memory-Making!
Alice Perkins is a timeshare travel blogger for>, the largest online market place for timeshare rentals, where vacationers can find luxury accommodations for less than the cost of a typical hotel room. 

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