Friday, November 18, 2011

Guest Blogger: Picking The Right Window Treatments For Your Baby’s Room

While I am away on vacation, I will have some guest bloggers posting for all my readers. I hope you enjoy, and I may just pop in for some updates and pictures while in Scotland! 

Picking The Right Window Treatments For Your Baby’s Room
Providing the perfect living quarters is just one of the many things you have to bear in mind when welcoming a new born baby into the world. This is often one of the happiest moments in any person’s life, however what isn’t always documented is just how stressful a time it can prove to be for those concerned. In addition to making sure the baby has enough food, clothes and toys, it’s is also of huge importance to ensure you are bringing the child into the safest environment possible.
There are a number of potential risks to a small child’s safety in any home, and it’s important to make sure that you eliminate as many (if not all) of these as possible. One hazard that many people may not consider is the one caused by your choice of window treatments, so it’s important to pick these very carefully.
Any baby in a new environment is likely to want to wander round and explore their fresh surroundings. As you are unable to keep your eyes on your child for every minute of every day, it’s key to ensure that the items within their reach pose as small a threat possible for the occasions when they’re out of your site. Whilst curtains may be attractive on the eye, they often come with lots of loose materials which can provide temptation for children to play with and, in turn, potentially get tangled up in. An alternative solution to this is a set of roller blinds which, the majority of the time, can be operated with the use of a cordless device. If you take advantage of the “made to measure” service that a lot of companies provide then you can also make sure that they are the right size for your windows, but also kept out of the reach of any wandering hands.
As well as helping to provide a safe environment in terms of material fittings, they can also help when it comes to assisting your baby develop a healthy sleeping pattern. Blackout roller blinds are available to ensure that the lighting in a room can be maintained at the correct level, which will help your baby get their head down at a good time no matter how light it is outside. In addition, roller blinds can also contribute towards maintaining a healthy temperature in a room, meaning the baby’s sleeping quarters are insulated perfectly during all adverse weather conditions.
Whilst they are a practical option, roller blinds are also easy to the eye too. The simple design means that it shouldn’t be too hard to find a style to fit in with any existing décor and colour scheme. This could prove to be particularly convenient over time, as children are notorious for changing tastes and styles over the years.
There are likely to be a million and one things on your mind during this life-changing period, and cost-cutting is more than likely to be one of them. It’s worth considering roller blinds, as they are a very cost effective way of providing a perfect environment for any new born baby.


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